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"Sprint Broadband Mobile for laptops is pretty affordable with the ever expanding network. Contracts and monthly plans start as low as $14.95 + tax per month, plus equipment."

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Q: How affordable is sprint broadband for a laptop?
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Can a sprint broadband card be applied for online?

Sprint broadband cards can be purchased or applied for online. Visit Sprint's Official Website to see the five different types of broadband cards that sprint sells.

Is there free international calling with sprint broadband?

Sprint broadband isn't for international calling. Sprint's broadband services are actually for using the internet. It's considered DSL and is faster than other internet.

How much is sprint broadband in Utah?

"Sprint broadband can vary depending on the speed you choose. In Utah, Sprint broadband plans usually run between $39.99 and $59.99. This rate is comparable to other companies."

Where are sprint broadband cards sold?

You can go directly onto the Sprint website to purchase a broadband card, or you can also go to Amazon and purchase a broadband card from their website as well.

Where can I find mobile internet service?

You can get a card with a USB modem that plus right into your laptop. This will get you broadband service where ever you go. You can get these cards and modems at Tmobile, Verizon or Sprint.

What broadband choices are there for laptop users?

Many companies such as AT&T, Dell, etc. offer broadband choices for laptop users. Broadband can extend to places around the globe too. Such as at internet cafes, other houses, it just depends on what broadband you have.

Do most laptops have broadband capability?

Almost any laptop made recently has broadband capability.

How can you hook up an old laptop to broadband?

You connect an old laptop to broadband just like a new laptop, using the Ethernet port. If the computer doesn't have an Ethernet port, then you will have to purchase an adapter.

Where can someone find a good broadband laptop?

One can find a good broadband laptop at Verizon Wireless. Verizon offers multiple broadband laptops for cheap prices. The laptops use the very fast Verizon network.

Does Sprint manufacture broadband cards?

Yes, Sprint was one of the first telecom companies to offer a mobile broadband card, which is also coloquially called a HOT SPOT. It was in areas where transmission is weak or non existent.

Which mobile company provides the best and affordable broadband?

Cricket provides a great mobil internet service that is affordable with no contract.

Will laptop broadband allow me to connect to the internet?

You can use laptop broadband to connect to the internet. T-Mobile and other providers can help you find the answers you need. technologies are always changing.

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