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How and what can you get rid of from your wire harness on a Yamaha xs 400 just to get it to runthe rest you can do but you don't know what needs to be their and what doesnt?


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February 14, 2006 6:39PM

Well technically, it ALL needs to be there. If, however, there are parts you want to remove (for racing, for offroad, etc.) I suggest removing the equipment and leaving the wiring in place. It doesn't weigh much and you may want to replace the equipment (headlight, turn signals, etc.) later on and then you will kick yourself for having to buy a new wiring harness when you could have left it in place. If you REALLY want to remove wiring, either start at the equipment you are removing and follow those wires to their start point, removing as you go. If you are removing wiring for equipment that is already gone, simply remove all wiring that is NOT HOOKED UP! ;~)