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How and what should you talk about with a girl you like?

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What are your hobbies, your passions in life? It's easier to find out if you're compatible with someone by being honest about who you are and what you like to do in your spare time, than trying to impress someone with a persona that won't last under scrutiny in a relationship. If you two don't seem to share a lot of interests and you don't click, it just means you aren't right for eachother. It's always polite to basically let her start the conversation off as most women of any age are more chatty than most males and if she should be shy then you start the conversation. Think about what the kids in school like. You could talk about movies, what type of movies you like and what actors you like or don't like. You can talk about bands, your favorite singers or, if you know she enjoys something try to do some internet research on it and educate yourself enough to ask her questions about what she enjoys and likes. No one is expected to know everything about the other person. It's always difficult at any age to feel completely comfortable around someone you love, or think you love. Most of us want to be on our best behavior and make a good impression on the person we are attracted too. To make yourself feel better realize that the person you are dating is probably just as nervous as you are even though they may not show it. Each individual is different when nervous and can react by being "chatty Cathys" to saying nothing or even running away from the situation. This includes men as well. I compare a first date to a job interview ... most of us perspire, get butterflies and feel like we are on the hot seat. LEARN TO LAUGH! I grew up in the 50's and it was much harder to date in those days because girls weren't suppose to ask the guys out. If a girl dared to do so she was considered "fast" or "man hungry." Now that I look back on those days I have to giggle. I remember my biggest fear of going out on a date with someone new was belching! I was unfortunate enough to come from a family with bad genes as far as nervous stomachs. One day I was asked out by this guy that I'd had a crush on for months. I was walking on a cloud, but when the evening came to go out with him, I had butterflies in my stomach (quite normal) and we went to the movies and then for burgers. So far so good! I thought I was Miss Congeniality and made it through. Then he pulled up in front of my parents house and of course we sat there and talked. Of course he came closer to me expecting a goodnight kiss and as I put my face up to his I let out such a belch the street lights flickered! LOL Blast those onions in the burgers! I thought I would die right there on the spot, but all of a sudden he started to laugh and it was such an infectious laugh we both just sat there laughing until our sides hurt. I realized then that I was being too hard on myself and if you make a mistake make a joke at your own expense and move on.

2006-09-01 18:51:38
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Q: How and what should you talk about with a girl you like?
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Do guys talk a lot to the girl they like?

If you like a girl you should definitely talk to her you might some stuff in common

What should i do when the girl i like and my friend try's to talk to me at the same time?

talk to them both.

What should you do if a boy likes a girl you like?

Try to talk to the girl before he does to see if you have a chance with her.

What should you do if the girl you like is your cousin's child's momma?

Talk to your cousin about this.

What should a girl talk about with her boyfriend?

Talk about music, tv shows, movies, ask what they like, stuff about them

I like this girl and when where alone you talk to her a lot but when their is a lot of people you fell like you shake her hand or talk to her people will know you like her what should you do?

It depends on if she likes you and if she does talk about dating

What to talk about to a girl you like?

things you should talk about if you like her is like say things about how hot or pretty she is. ask her what her plans are for friday. ask questions about her

How should you talk to a girl?

Like she is a person. (she is one, after all!) After that the rest is up to you.

What should you do if a girl knows that you like her?

ask her out, or start simple and just talk to her

If you like the girl she don't want to talk to me what should i do?

move on, she's not interested

What kinda subjects should you say to this girl you like?

Things she likes to talk about

How do you get a girl like you if she doesn't want to talk to you and has a crush on another boy?

you should probobly find another girl

What should you do if a girl you like is in none of your classes?

If you like a girl and she is in none of your classes, I think you should try to get her phone number or talk to her before school. Maybe ask her to a dance if you are in hgih school. I am a girl, and that is what I think you should do personally.

I like a boy but he wont talk to me what should i do?

i am a girl so i know how you feel just try to talk to him and tell him how you feel

There is this gorgeous girl that likes me and i like her but we don't talk that much so what should i do and how should i get her to like me more?

well first start by saying hi. If you want her to like you more you have to talk. Hope this helped!

What is a good conversion have with a girl you like?

If it is your first conversation with her you should engage her with small talk

What to do if a friend falls in love with your girlfriend?

You should talk to your girlfriend about it then talk to your friend. Btw your friend shouldn't dog you like that cos he should stick to the rules of friendshipNever touch a friends girl NEVER!!!Oh well just talk to your girl about it all and see how she feels about it and use that to talk to your friend. Then you should try to find a gilr for your firend- like point some out in the crowd and stuff like that. Try and get him away from your girl asap

Your best friend likes the girl you like and you know he does but he doesn't know you do what should you do?

Talk to him about it. Why should a girl break up a friendship of two guys?

Should you talk to a girl in school even if you aren't going out?

Of course! I'm a girl and I think that talking to a girl it important especially if you like her!

How often should you talk to the girl you like on aim?

you should talk 2 her at least once every other day unless u c her often

What can i do to talk to a girl i don't know her name but i would like her to be my girl friend?

well you should really start talking to her :))

A girl found out you like her and told your friend she wanted you to talk to her and you didnt what should you do?

deffinatly talk to her, this could turn into something GREAT!!!!

What should a guy do when he thinks a girl likes him?

Just talk to her and if she likes you, you'll know it. Oh and if you like this girl too you should get to know her than ask her out,.

What should you do when your best friend likes the girl you like?

Talk it over if you want to stay friends.

What should you do about the girl you like?

You can talk to her more, listen to her when she talks, affection, help her with ANYTHING, be there for her etc.