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How and when the Middle Ages started?


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the middle ages started in 500 A.D and ends in 1500 A.D the fall of the Roman Empire started the middle ages (dark ages)

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There was no explorers in the middle ages. When exploration started that is when the middle ages ended.

the vikings started the middle ages.

The Middle Ages started in "1100 - 1520"

i think that the middle ages started in the 1950's and ended well i dont think it has ended and that is what i think when the middle ages started and began

Rome didn't exist in the middle ages. It fell in 410 AD and because of it the middle ages started.

The Middle Ages started in Italy with the sack of Rome in 476AD

We cannot say that art started in the Middle Ages. It started in the Stone Age caves about 25000 years ago.

The Early Middle Ages started in the year 476 and ended in approximately 1000. The High Middle Ages between 1000 and 1300

The end of the Roman Empire.

Lemons were not used much during the Middle Ages, lemon cultivation started in Genoa at the end of this era.

church started after the fall of rome 480 B.C.E

No. Middle ages started in 410 AD to 1400.

The fall of Rome in 410 AD.

No, Saint Nicholas lived in ancient times, and died about a century before the Middle Ages started.

In the middle ages only the wealthy were able to go to school. Poor kids had to go to work to support their families.

The history of baking in the middle ages started with mothers and daughters then became a profession with rules and a paycheck, in the middle ages Bakers could also be millers.Hope this helps anyone

The Late Middle Ages started in about 1300 and lasted until 1450 or 1500. There is a link below to an article on the subject.

The Middle Ages started around 476 A.D..

I don't think it is possible to point to a person, or even a group of people, and say they were responsible for starting the Middle Ages. Historians cannot even agree on the date the Middle Ages started. Most say it was 476 AD, but some say it was 410, or 517, or some other date.

Not really. Trade actually declined during the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages started because of the decline of trade, law and order vanishing, and education almost disappearing, which is why some people refer to the Middle Ages as the "Dark Ages."

The Middle Ages started about 1500 or 1550 years ago and ended 500 or 550 years ago. They lasted about 1000 years.

Feudalism was during the Middle Ages. Physical Education started in the early 1800s. Children exercised by working with the parents in the Middle Ages.

A page usually started at 7 and became a squire at 14, but these ages were not set in stone.

The middle ages started with wars, so medieval warfare started when the middle ages started. You could pick any date you like best for this, 400, 410, 476, 500, or some other date of the time. There were always wars.

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