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For getting Export License, First of all you have to export desire product which is to listed at cover Duty script or Focus Product or Focus Market Scheme.

Then you apply through JDGFT at Hydreabad,

O/o The Joint Director General of Foreign Trade

Kendriya Sadan, Ist Floor, Vth Block,

Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad- 500195

Fax No. 040-24651598

e-mail addres: hyderabad-dgft[at]nic[dot]in


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Q: How and where do you get an export license in Hyderabad India?
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How do you apply import export license at hyderabad?

contact any chartered accountant .he will get you import export licence

Do you require export license for export of website developed in india?

No, we do not need any kind of export licence for export of website developed in India.

How can I get Export license from Delhi Is the export license give the permit to export anything to any country which are permitted by government of India or license is very specific?

yes it is important to obtain necessary license from authorities of export sector

Is a export license required to export ready-made garments from India to NewZealand?

Export license (IE code) is required to export ready made garments from India. You have to apply IE code in your nearest DGFT office. Then you should become a member in AEPC.

Is a license required to export ready-made garments from Gujarat India to Australia?

No license required

How do you obtain import and export licence in India?

If v apply v will get license...

What country is hyderabad?

hyderabad is in India

Is a export license required to export ready made garments from India to Saudi arebia?

i have export licence i like to start export business any help me to start this business

Where is cyrobank hyderabad?

there is no cryobank in hyderabad India

Does export of Handicraft needs export license?

The Government Of India recently announced some incentives for the labour intensive export sectors including the handicraft sector...

What is the country code and area code of Hyderabad Loc- Hyderabad India?

The country code and area code of Hyderabad Loc- Hyderabad, India is 91, (0)40.

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Hyderabad is in India. To be precise Hyderabad is in Andhra Pradesh which is a state in India. Hyderabad is in Andhrapradesh

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