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How and why did the US become invloved in World War 2?


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The United States involved herself in World War II when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1942 (correct me if I'm wrong on the date) Germany and her allies, allied with Japan declared war on the United States and therefore Congress declared war on them.


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The US got involved in the war on: April 6, 1917.

They became involved when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor

It had evolved into a World Power.

The US and the Allies won the war and the US gained control of the Philippines, causing it to become a world power.

No, it was a European war we chose to become involved in.

As soon as the US entered the war in December 1941

Because after the War the US had become a World Power.

The Japanese attacked them at Pearl Harbour.

No. As a matter of fact, the US backed out of international affairs after WW1 by withdrawing from the League of Nations. It did become a world power after WW2

The Spanish/American war started it, The 1st world war sealed it.

because they are belonged to winner alliance in world war II

the US became part of world war 1 because we needed to help other people to make ourselves look good

The U.S. economy had not been destroyed by fighting during World War II.

most Americans did not want to become involved in the European war..............

Depends on your definition of "Involved." We got involved in World War 2 because the Japanese bombed us. Then, we fought Nazi Europe an discovered the horror that was the Holocaust. We finally knew what we were fighting for and against. Against cruelty and fighting for liberation of the innocents!

in 1941 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbour

The dictatorship and the attack in Pearl Harbor caused the US to become into the war because it was in America. This is what started World War 2.

Yu mean how* not who* & the us join the ww1 cause they wanted to become a world power & joinin world would defently help.

While it did not hurt our standing, it did little to change it. The US had become a world power after defeating Spain in the Spanish American War. It was not until after WWII that the US was spring boarded to the status of a Super Power.

USA turned capitalist USSR was communist

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