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You are destroying property values.

It is vandalism, though writers consider it art (well, usually - not so much gangs!). So, if you're doing some graf on something that doesn't belong to you, it's bad. Go crazy on your own property.

It's punished by a fine and/or community service, and if you're an adult, possibly jail time. It all depends on where you're located. Most of the time you'll get a fine and community service, I think, because they want to make sure you've learned, and it does cost money to repair damage.

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What is graffiti?

Graffiti is a type of drawing that you find mostly outside. Graffiti is illegal and i recommend that you do not do graffiti. Sometimes you may see people do graffiti but they have a permit to do it and they are getting paid for it

Is it illegal to draw graffiti?

Googling "graffiti arrests" returns nearly half a million hits. "Felony graffiti" (graffiti that costs more than $500 to clean up) returns nearly 200,000 hits. It is definitely illegal; the charge is vandalism.

When did graffiti become illegal?

Graffiti is illegal to varying degrees in the United States. The FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program says graffiti is vandalism and there have been laws made about the act for decades depending on where one lives.

Where is graffiti illegal?

Kai3345's Answer :Graffiti is illegal in many states and countries. It is also legal in many states and countries. Some states and countries make it legal and illegal to graffiti depending on it's use. But, in every public property in the United States of America, it is illegal to graffiti on School Property and Public property; unless that piece of public property was specifaclly for graffiti.Source : My basic knowledge.

How much percent of Australia has illegal graffiti on it?


Is graffiti legal in Monroe WA?

Graffiti is illegal everywhere........... it goes under defacing public/private property

Why is graffiti illegal?

In my opinion, it is considered vandalism. So that's why I think it is considered illegal. I personally love it!

What equipment do you need to start doing graffiti?

You need a spray can of paint. Graffiti is illegal and should only be done on places where it is allowed.

Are there any legal places in new Hampshire to do graffiti?

There's a graffiti wall on Temple Street in Nashua at Streetwise Graffiti Bike & Skate. It is currently illegal anywhere else in the state.

Is graffiti in the UK illegal?

It is illegal except in areas specifically set aside for the purpose. Check with your local authority.

Is graffiti against the law in the US?

Yes, doing graffiti on someone else's property is illegal unless you have permission. It's call vandalism.

How do you get spray paint graffiti off?

There are shops,, and especially in halfords. The paint is called Graffiti Remover its a white can.. second of all why graffiti if its illegal and if you get caught you pay way more than you spent on the paint!!!

How do you tackle students writing dirty graffiti on walls?

You don't... That's illegal.

Is the u2 Dublin graffiti wall legal?

is windmill lane the u2 graffiti wall? if it is then yeh its legal but when you go tagging the appartments near it, then its illegal

Can graffiti be seen as art and who believes it is art?

Yes. Graffiti can be seen as a display of public art though in some instances it is illegal. Banksy is considered a graffiti artist. He creates social commentary while tagging the city. There is a difference though, between gang graffiti and art graffiti.

What is the difference between graffiti and urban art?

The difference between urban art and graffiti is that urban artists have permission from the owner of the object they are painting on this is legal. Graffiti is illegal because the person doing it does not have permission from the owner.

Why is graffiti controversial?

Lot of people think that graffiti=gangs. Suburban people get scared when they see one, but chances are that it's the neighborhood kid who saw graffiti on the internet and now wants to do it. Artistic graffiti however seams to please everyone's eye. ...and it's illegal.

Why is graffiti considered a form of vandalism?

Whenever you deface or devalue property that does not belong to you, then you are committing a form of vandalism or criminal mischief. This is illegal. Graffiti as an art style is not illegal. You can airbrush graffiti on the back of people's jackets at their request all day long. Some businesses will actually pay to have graffiti style ads painted on their windows. The key is rather or not the art is wanted and permission given by the owner of the property in question.

Is graffiti a bad thing?

Yes it is a bad thing, because it is often illegal, vulgar and rude.

Where can do graffiti online?

you can do graffiti on graffiti on graffiti playdo????????????????????????????????????

Is graffiti illegal in Canada?

Boo-yaa of corse not because they wont do a thing because Canadians are pathetic

Is graffiti illegal?

Yes. Graffiti done on property that doesn't belong to you is vandalism and causes property damage. The owner has the right to seek criminal charges and also to sue in civil court for damages.

Is it illegal to draw in the street with chalk?

it is not illegal to draw on the street or side walk with chalk because it is washable. It is not like graffiti. Graffiti is permanent and people do it on private property. Chalk is made for kids and it does no harm. I did not want to change the answer, but I did want to say that PEOPLE ARE BEING ARRESTED IN AUSTIN, TX TODAY FOR "CHALKING ".

Is graffti illegal?

Yes, the statue is usually damage to public or private property. At least it is in my state statues. Of course graffiti is illegal,because if you dont have permission to spray words on a wall or a house and a police sees you then of course it is illegal.

Is graffiti legal in Europe?

In the United Kingdom, graffiti is illegal unless it has been properly organised by schools, youth groups etc. I'm not sure about other parts of Europe.It all depends on where they do it. On other ppls walls, no.