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How and why is skin waterproof?


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There are actually three things which allow skin to be water resistant. And yes, I do mean resistant, not proof. If it were water proof, you wouldn't get all pruny after spending too much time in the bath.

The first factor is naturally occurring oils in the skin help to repel water, preventing it from sitting on the skin and being absorbed in the first place.

Second, skin itself is actually a net of tissue, so even if water permeates the first layer, it has a harder time getting to the second. If it gets to the second, it has an even harder time getting through the third, and so on.

Three, cells in your body already contain a high percentage of water and will not absorb much more (unless yoru skin is very dry or you are very dehydrated), so like trying to fill an already full bucket, the water just runs off. Skin cells make ur skin water proof u dunce keratin


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