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James A. Garfield was assassinated by Charles J. Guiteau on July 2, 1881 in Washington D.C. while walking through the Baltimore and Potomac railroad station. He had been president just shy of 4 months at the time, and his term lasted 6 1/2 months. Reportedly, the assassination was done because Guiteau was mentally ill and was upset that he had been repeatedly rejected to be the American consul in Paris.

Garfield was shot twice by Guiteau on July 2nd. He died on Sept 19th in Long Branch NJ. He would probably have survived his wounds if not for the medical practices of the day, which included the repeated "probing" of the path of the gunshot by doctors who did not yet know of the threat of infection via their unprotected hands. Guiteau believed in the current practice of patronage or the spoils system and that by elevating Chester A. Arthur to the presidency, he would insure that system continued. thank people.

Garfield was assassinated because his assassin, Charles Guiteau, was not appointed to a diplomatic post that he felt he deserved. His personal requests to Garfield and to cabinet members were continually rejected and eventually he was told to stop coming back.

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Q: How and why was James Garfield assassinated?
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Did James Garfield resign as president?

No, James Garfield was assassinated.

What president was assassinated in 1881?

James Garfield was the victim .James A. Garfield

What did James A Garfield do after he was president?

Nothing. James A. Garfield was assassinated while he was in office.

Was Charles Garfield assassinated?

No, you're probably thinking of James A. Garfield, the US President that was assassinated.

Second President to be assassinated?

James A. Garfield

What president was assassinated after Lincoln?

James Garfield

Who was the 2nd assassinated president?

James A. Garfield

Was Garfield the president when he was shot?

Yes, James A. Garfield was assassinated while he was in office.

When did Garfield get assassinated?

James A. Garfield was assassinated on July 2, 1881 at 9:30 a.m. by Charles J. Guiteau.

What city was James Garfield assassinated in?

Washington, D.C.

Who was assassinated after Abraham Lincoln?

The next U.S. President to be assassinated was James Garfield in 1881.

What president was assassinated by an unemployed factory worker?

James Garfield

Who was the second president to be assassinated in US?

James A. Garfield, in 1881.

Why did guiteau shoot president James A. Garfield?

I think Guiteau assassinated James Garfield because Guiteau was angry about something

Who was assassinated after Lincoln?

The second President to be assassinated was James A. Garfield in July ,1881, by Charles Julius Guiteau.

Was James A. Garfield assassinated or die of natural cause?

On the morning of July 2, 1881 he was assassinated

Who was th 2nd president to be assassinated?

James A. Garfield, September, 1881

Which president was assassinated after 100 days in office?

James Garfield was the man.

Which Presidents of the US from Ohio were assassinated?

James Garfield and William McKinkey.

Who got assassinated on July 2 1881?

President James A. Garfield.

When did James Garfield end his presidency?

James Abram Garfield ended his presidency when he was assassinated in 1881. Chester Alan Arthur took over.

Which president was assassinated by disgruntled office-seeker charles gulteau?

James Garfield was assassinated by Charles Gulteau.

What presidents were assassinated in 1870 and 1901?

James Garfield was assassinated in 1881; William McKinley was shot and killed in 1901. No presidents were assassinated in 1870.

Was James A Garfield assassinated during his presidency?

That's correct. Garfield took office in March of 1881, was shot in July, and eventually died of his wounds in September.

Who became the president after James A. Garfield was assassinated?

When James A. Garfield was assassinated, Chester A. Arthur became the 21st president.Vice-president Chester Alan Arthur became president upon the death of Garfield.