How are DNA and RNA like blueprints?


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DNA and RNA are like blueprints because they contain genetic material. This genetic material is what makes more cells with the same material.


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DNA is like a master plan in that it has all the plans for all the proteins the body makes. RNA is like a blueprint because it carries the information that tells a a cell how to produce a specific protein.

The cromation transfers DNA blueprints of a cell over to the RNA as well as protein and other DNA molecules. It ensures that the blueprint is accurate.

They are the "blueprints" of the cell, which means that the cell uses codes from the DNA strands to create ribosomes, mitochondria, etc.

Protein synthesis is a role of messenger RNA. It moves genetic information from DNA to the ribosome and also provides the ribosome with the blueprints for building proteins.

In a cell, ribosomes make proteins with amino acids based on the RNA blueprints copied from the DNA.

In Eukaryotes, DNA is contained within the nucleus to protect it from degradation. This means that the DNA should remain protected, as a "master copy" of the blueprints for proteins. mRNA is necessary because DNA cannot leave the nucleus, but RNA can. The use of mRNA means that the DNA can remain in the nucleus, while the RNA goes to the ribosomes for translation.

similarly, the cell uses vital DNA "master plan" to prepare RNA "blueprints". The DNA molecule stays safe in the cells nucleus while RNA molecules go to the protein building sites in the cytoplasm- ribosomes.

The nucleus is the control center of a cell. It contains the 'blueprints' called DNA. Along with the DNA you'll also find the nucleulus, histones, which help to pack the DNA, along with a variety of other proteins/enzymes (including RNA polymerases), transcription factors and some RNA. There are also other parts like a nucleolous

RNA to DNa , Dna to RNA

RNA uses uracil instead of thyminelike DNA does.

Typhoid fever is caused by a bacterium, not nucleic acid like RNA or DNA.

1. RNA is single stranded, DNA is double. 2. In RNA a bonds with u instead of t like in DNA that's all i know =)

Nucleotides do not have DNA or RNA. DNA and RNA are composed of nucleotides.

DNA is double helix, rna is one helix. DNA has a thymine rna has uracil. Rna has onxygen, DNA does not.

Nucleic acids DNA and RNA are information storage compounds used in determining the nature of the organism they are stored in.

The cell nucleus contains the "blueprints" for the production of protein. The "blueprints" are the DNA contained within the nucleus. DNA is often called the blueprint of life.

The nucleus of the cell contains the blueprints to run the cell. The blueprints are contained in the DNA.

rna is a form of dna. rna is present during the duplication of dna. the rna tells what dna particals go where. the rna gets this information from the dna inside the nucleus.

RNA polymerase transcribe DNA to RNA and process of changingof DNA to RNA is called transcription.

DNA doesn't convert into RNA. The RNA comes and copies the DNA, then does you-know-what.

No,DNA and RNA are proteins.

Uracil (sometimes called Uridine). It base-pairs with with Adenine, like Thymine does. In that sense, it is the RNA replacement for Thymine, which is in DNA but not RNA.

What can you conclude about DNA and RNA from the fact that they are like a cell's "brain?"

In the nucleus of cells. (DNA.) RNA is stored in DNA.

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