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State child labor laws is less protective in New York. Also, the minimum wage is different in those 2 states.

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No. Some states are different than others. In NY, for example, same sex marriage is illegal. In Massachusetts, same sex marriage is legal. It's different. Hope this helped! :D

Child labor laws allow a person to take a job at 16.

Yes, in the state of New York you can charge sales tax on labor. This tax law is different for each state, so if you travel away from NY, be sure to check local state law.

Yes. Unless it is different laws in other states or countries. NY you can

There are no emancipation laws in New York.

You will have to contact your local police. NY has a patchwork or laws.

Generally speaking, yes. You can own handguns in NY, and if you move to NY from another state, you can take the gun with you. However, some of the laws in NY are different than other states, such as registration. Check with the local police department to see what is required.

how much is a sq foot price to build a pole barn labor only in up state NY

Since you can post on the internet, do a search on NY gun laws.

each state is NY state it is 60 days...but the answer for your state can be found in the laws of the NY it is Real Property Law

There is a house in mendon ny where I used to live it looks exactly like it, but i heard it was filmed in buffalo ny

There are no laws about dating. No ;0

It's not different. Unless you mean Melbourne, Florida, that is.

Consider each state to be it's own nation, or a foreign country...THEY ALL HAVE SEPARATE LAWS/ DIFFERENT LAWS! We all might be US citizens; but we certainly do not live under the same laws! You must read New York Laws. Whats legal in Nevada might be a crime in New York!

The tax free week In NY will Be Labor day Week .....Iam 99% sure i cALL TAX SERVISES

Provided all federal and state labor laws are followed regarding relief breaks and pay, and provided the mandatory overtime is included in the job description or profile, yes - overtime can be made mandatory.

There is no unemployment office located in Queens, NY. The closest office would be the Unemployment Insurance Services in Brooklyn or the New York Department of Labor in New York, NY.

Repos are covered by a number of different laws: contract,civil and depending on the actions of those involved crimminal law.Its best to ask a specific question and perhaps someone can point you in the rightdirection.

If the marriage was legal in the Dominican Republic, the US will recognize the marriage as legal. New York law will apply to anything that occurs in New York. The marriage laws in New York will not apply.

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