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The Roman Catholic Church has a Hierarchy, consisting of the Laity; Deacons, Priests, Monsignors, Bishops, Cardinals and the Pontiff (who is the first among equals).

And Pentecostal churches can have apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors & teachers.

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Q: How are Pentecostal and Catholic Churches different?
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How pentecostal baptisms are different to catholic baptism?

Most Pentecostal churches require adult baptism by immersion. They will not baptize children or use sprinkling or pouring.

Does the Pentecostal church believe in Eucharist?

No Catholic churches believe in Eucharist and the bread and wine impart grace to the individual. Pentecostal as well as evangelical churches are Protestant which believe that it is merely a memorial which we do in remembrance.

How do Pentecostal baptisms differ from Catholic baptisms?

The trinitarian baptism is given in the ritual acclamation of, "I baptise you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit."In my research on the Internet I have seen two different approaches to the Pentecostal baptism, first " the name of Jesus" and second, "in the Holy Spirit".In Pentecostal churches water baptism signifies that you are forgiven of your sins and are now a member of the church. It is done in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Trinitarian Pentecostal churches and in the name of Jesusin Oneness Pentecostal churches.Water baptism in Catholic churches is by pouring or immersion, in Pentecostal churches it is only by immersion. Water baptism in Catholic churches is usually done on infants as soon as possible after birth although adults that are newly catechized converts are also baptized, in Pentecostal churches it is only done on adults that are able to give a testimony of their being "born again".Baptism in the Holy Spirit is an entirely different ceremony (it does not involve water at all, in some churches it will involve anointing with oil). Baptism in the Holy Spirit is done by the laying on of hands by the church leaders and prayers, it is then expected that the person being baptized in the Spirit will manifest the Spirit, usually by speaking in tongues. This baptism is generally unique to Pentecostal churches, although some other churches are also doing it now.Catholic AnswerA Catholic baptism is a sacrament that actually brings about what it signifies, it truly removes sins and makes one a child of God - by the power of God. A Pentecostal baptism that is done with water in the name of the Trinity and attempting to do what the Church does also is a valid baptism. Anything else called "baptism" is just an outward ceremony that is ineffective according to the Church.

How many people can Pentecostal churches hold?

Pentecostal churches can hold anywhere from about 100 to thousands.

Can you be Catholic and Pentecostal and attend both churches?

There is a movement called the Catholic Charismatic movement, and this is basically Pentecostal Catholics. About 1 in 10 Catholics worldwide is a charismatic. This might be an option to 'kill two birds with one stone'.

Number of people that are in pentecostal churches today?

it is over 600 million people in the pentecostal churches today....

What is the eucharist at pentecostal churches?

In the pentecostal church, it is called communion.

When was Associated Pentecostal Churches of New Zealand created?

Associated Pentecostal Churches of New Zealand was created in 1975.

Why do pentecostal women only wear dresses and no makeup?

Some pentecostal women do this because they're church is very religious.But not all of them do it because there are a lot of pentecostal churches out there and they're all different

HOW does the pentecstal churches baptise people?

Pentecostal churches baptise by immersion.

How are different Christian denomitations baptisms different from other Christian denominations?

Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, and UCC churches baptize infants by infusion. (Sprinkling or pouring), and Baptist, Nazarene, BIC, Pentecostal, CMA, and other Evangelical churches baptize adults and older children by immersion.

Why the exodus of the youths to pentecostal churches?

because Pentecostal churches are often more attractive to youth. Their music is more modern and there is less rigid ritual.

What the different in pentecostal and church of god?

It will depend on the Church of God affiliation. Anderson Indiana Church of God Churches are not Pentecostal, but the Cleveland Tennessee Church of G0dare Pentecostal.I believe that the Church of God is trinitarian. Pentecostals are oness.

What is the difference between Catholic and Pentecostal Churches?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Catholic Church was started by Our Blessed Lord over twenty centuries ago as His Mystical Body in order to save us: to bring us His grace, and enable us to attain heaven. The Pentecostal churches were formed by men over sixteen centuries later in protest again some of the requirements that God had given us to work out our salvation.

How is baptism done in Pentecostal churches?

In most Pentecostal churches, baptism is the same way as most other protestant churches--by immersion. But, Oneness Pentecostals only baptize using the name of Jesus.

What is the difference between evangelistic Christian church and Pentecostal?

Pentecostal churches are a type of evangelical Christianity.

List of differences between pentecostal church and Roman Catholic church?

Roman Catholic AnswerThis is rather a difficult question to answer as there are so many different kinds of Pentecostal "churches" and the differ from each other in many respects. But at the core, they are protestant in that they reject many beliefs of the Catholic church and emphasis certain things found in the Bible, which is no more than a description of nearly any protestant church. They are a breakaway from the Methodist faith so they are two generations removed from the church, at least. The priesthood, the sacramental life, the spiritual life, the complete belief system of faith in God taught by Jesus through His Church are all missing in Pentecostal churches.

How is Pentecostal and Catholic worship different?

The worship is on the opposite ends of the spectrum; Catholics follow strict ritual practices, and Pentecostal follow no ritual but the leading of the Spirit.

What language is used at Orthodox Catholic Christian churches?

There are Catholic churches and Orthodox churches. There are no Catholic Orthodox churches. There are, however, some Eastern Rite Catholic churches but they are not Orthodox. They are fully Catholic.

How many different branches of Christianity are there?

I think there are five: Catholic Orthodox Protestant Pentecostal Anglican

Is there a link to Pentecostal churches in the Philippines? -Official Website of the United Pentecostal Church Philippines, Inc.

What are the beliefs of the Apostolic Pentecostal Churches?

Apostolic- believes the Oneness, while most of the Mainline Pentecostal are trinitarian

How many members does the pentecostal churches of christ have?


How many Pentecostal churches in the US?

Around 96000

How many black Pentecostal churches are there in the US?