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They both contain elephant ivory.

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How are the electric piano and the normal piano alike?

They both sound like a piano.

How are keyboard and piano alike?

they has keypad

How is a piano made out of elephant tusks?

The tusks of the elephants are made into the keys of a piano.

How are an elephant and a mammoth alike?

both have tusks.

What are elephant tusks used for?

piano keys

Are piano keys made of elephant tusks?


What music instrument has parts of it made out of elephant tusks?


What musical instrument had parts made from the elephant?


How are African elephant families and human families alike?

they both have families and care for them ,most of the.timewe are different and alike .

How are a violin and a piano alike?

They both are in the string family of music.

Why is an elephant and a wall alike?

They are both big and have wonderful stopping power

How are bacteria a rose and an elephant alike?

They are all made of eukaryotic cells

How is an elephant in danger from people?

Elephants are being endangered by people because people use elephant tusks for piano keys.

How is a piano like a door?

A piano keyboard has keys, and a door needs a key to be locked and opened so a piano and door are alike because both have/need keys.

What do people use elephant tusks for?

For piano keys and for some ivory orniments

Why is the Asian elephant like the African elephant?

they aren't alike Asian elephants are smaller and usually have no trunks and African elephants are bigger and tend to weigh more

What song is that kid playing on piano in the movie elephant?

"Für Elise" by Ludwig van Beethoven

What things are made from elephant tusks?

Ornate Handguns, Piano Keys, and Old fashioned baseball bats

How is a tree and elephant alike?

They both have trunks!!! _______ But, They both don't look the same, and they aren't used for the same purpose.

What is the tusk of an elephant used for?

They are used for trophies, ornatments, decorations, piano keys, knives, forks, chopsticks, bowls, chests, etc....

What are the two musical works from the fairy melodies heard in the elephant?

They are taken from Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No.1 in B flat major.

How is a keyboard and a piano alike?

he keyboard and the piano are very alike in so many ways. They sound great and easy to use. They could either be an 88key piano or keyboard or an 77key piano or keyboard. But they both do have disadvantages that makes them different from each other. A keyboard is a digital piano meaning you need to plug it to play it and you no longer need to tune it up. Some keyboards have excellent features like recording and midi that you can't get on a piano. But from experience, the keyboard doesn't have the same feel and sound like the piano. Anyways, keyboards are portable. While a piano will always have this great sound that a keyboard won't be able to copy. A new piano has keys that are equal weight and you can practice your skills in a piano far better. But because the piano is manual and has piano strings inside, with due time of use, it will be off tune. You'll have to tune it up so you can use it properly. Also it takes up a lot of space. Hope i was a great help.

What is a good sentence to put thump in?

She thumped out a tune on the piano.He got a couple of congressmen to thump for him.

What do people mack out of elephant tusks?

Ivory comes from elephant tusks, people make jewelery, carvings, some time ago people made piano keys out of it. Poachers (hunters) kill elephants for ivory, this is why elephants are endangered.

What makes an elephant an elephant?

To recognise an elephant an elephant has a trunk and