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Active viruses means that they are currently on your computer and destroying it. Hidden viruses means that they are viruses that are about to attack your computer.

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Q: How are active viruses different from hidden viruses?
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How are an active virus or hidden virus different?

I think it is different because hidden virus stays inside the cell until the body gets weak, and then it gets active. So they dont show the symptoms like the active virus does. And the active virus will show symptoms once it gets into the body, so we will eat medicines to kill the virus. So for the viruses, it is good to be a hidden virus.

What is the difference between a hidden virus and a active virus?

A hidden virus is known in the words in its name "HIDDEN virus". It hides and stays inactive. The active virus is also known in its name too "ACTIVE virus". The two viruses have different ways on spreading it own kind throughout the host or hosts.

How are hidden viruses different frrom active viruses?

The easiest way to understand how viruses replicate is to study the life cycles of viruses called bacteriophages (bacteria eaters). Bacteriophages replicate by either a lytic cycle or a lysogenic cycle. The difference in these two cycles is that the cell dies at the end of the lytic cycle or the cell remains in the lysogenic cycle. The virus remains "hidden".

Is a cold virus an active or hidden virus?

It is an active virus. Hidden viruses are viruses that don't go into action immediately and hide out for a while in your tissues. Once you are infected with a cold virus, you usually become ill right away and once you are over that bout of the flu, the virus will be gone and not lingering around in hiding to come back with symptoms later. Other viruses that are hidden can lie dormant in your tissues for years.

What are active viruses?

Active Viruses: When a virus enters a cell and it is active it causes the host cell to make new viruses

What are differences between latent and active viruses?

Well think of latent viruses as viruses that are sleepy and don't do much to your body, active viruses are well basically active viruses.

List and describe different types of active transport?

molecule,bacteria, and viruses

Are there DNA viruses?

Yes that is how hidden viruses invade because hidden viruses hide in the DNA of your cells and are copied and kill your cells once the virus is copied.

What do latent viruses not do?

They are not active and do not make new viruses.

What are the similarities between latent and active viruses?

they are both viruses

Is a common cold a active or hidden virus?


Is smallpox an active or hidden virus?

it is an active virus! : )

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