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By Apostolic Succession. That is the laying down of hands at the ordination to bishop (the last 'step' of the threefold ordination). Then a bishop is created cardinal by the current pope. One of these cardinals is to be elected pope during the big meeting after the death of a pope. E.g. Cardinal Ratzinger had been elected as pope Benedict XIV.

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Q: How are all popes descendants of the first pope?
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What religion were the first 15 popes?

Catholic, as all the Popes are. The Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church.

What popes do you need in life?

you need all of them if you are going to succeed when you are pope, look at pope Benedict he is very successful so if you look at all the popes you will become a good pope

Are popes and pastors the same thing?

All popes are pastors but not all pastors are popes. There are thousands and thousands of pastors but only one of them is the pope.

How long do popes serve?

In almost all cases, Popes serve for the rest of their lives once they are elected to the papacy. Pope Benedict XVI recently retired, but he is the first Pope in 600 years to retire. Usually a Pope will die in office.

How many popes have there been and are they all male?

Including Pope Francis there have been 266 popes, all males.

Who were all the popes who came to the US?

There have been no popes from the United States. However, the following popes gave visited the United States: Pope Paul VI Pope John Paul II Pope Benedict XVI

Is the Pope Jewish?

The Pope is a Catholic concept. All Popes must be Catholic.

Can the pope die?

Of course. The pope is a human being and, as with all humans, popes die.

Where did the pope live?

All popes have ruled from Rome except from 1309 to 1376 when popes were in Avignon, France.

What church did Pope Urban II belong to?

Pope Urban II was a Catholic, as were all the popes.

Are popes and priests the same?

Yes and no. All popes are priests (bishops) but not all priests are popes. There is one pope but many priests. The pope is the leader of the Catholic Church, chosen in a secret election by the College of Cardinals.

Is an archbishop and pope the same?

The pope is an archbishop (cardinal) but only one archbishop can be the pope. Not all archbishops become popes.

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