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How are ants born?

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in an egg

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When was Ants Oras born?

Ants Oras was born in 1900.

How many ants are born everyday?

about one quadrillion ants are born almost everyday! Zero. Ants aren't born. They are hatched.

When was Ants Antson born?

Ants Antson was born on November 11, 1938.

When was Ants Piip born?

Ants Piip was born on 1884-02-28.

When was Ants Laaneots born?

Ants Laaneots was born on 1948-01-16.

When was Ants Andreas born?

Ants Andreas was born on July 18, 1948, in Tallinn, Estonia.

When was Ants Lauter born?

Ants Lauter was born on July 5, 1894, in Velise, Raplamaa, Estonia.

When was Ants Ander born?

Ants Ander was born on May 14, 1931, in Taevere, Viljandimaa, Estonia.

What is Ants Antson's birthday?

Ants Antson was born on November 11, 1938.

Do ants have birthdays?

Ants are hatched (born) but they don't celebrate birthdays.

What do drone ants do in their colonies?

Drones are the ants in the colony that are males. The drone ants are born from unfertilized eggs and do not work but can fly.

Why are ants blind?

Ants are born blind. The first ant in the world got hit by something then that effected all the ants eyes. Ants never know where they are going.

Are queen ants born?


When was Ants Eskola born?

Ants Eskola was born on February 17, 1908, in Reval, Russian Empire [now Tallinn, Estonia].

Why ants steal young ants from others' nest?

Ants steal other ants so that they will work for the conquering colony. young ants are like children and rather helpless and happy provided they are fed. the young ants get use to the smell of the new colony and believe this to be the norm. In short the young ants dont know that they were not born into the colony they are now with so act as if they were born there and work like other native ants in that colony.

Are queen ants born or can any ant become a queen?


How many ants are born?

Zero. They hatch from eggs.

Do ants have bellybuttons?

Only placental mammals have belly buttons. Ants, being born from eggs, don't have belly buttons.

What types of ants are there?

driver ants, bull ants, jack jumper ants, black ants, fire ants, red ants, carpenter ants, army ants, and 8,000 more species of ants.

A what of ants?

It can be : a swarm of ants a colony of ants an army of ants

Why do ants follow each other?

its their natural instinct- what they are born to do

What are ants made of?

they are not made the are born and they have a head thorax and abdomen

Give the differents kinds of ants?

Honeypot ants Fire ants Bulldog ants Army ants Silver ants

What ants use other ants as slave ants?

red ants

Do ants have ants?

Yes ants do produce ants to continue the family.

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