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Q: How are aquaculture farms run?
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What are government run farms called?

collective farms

What is the Function of a farm manager?


What are some differences between a state farm and a collective farm?

Some differences between collective farms and state farms were that state farms were run directly by the government and collective farms were run by groups of villagers and were controlled indirectly by the government.

What does the wind farms run on?


What farms are run collectively?


What is disadvantage of aquaculture?

what are some disadvantages of aquaculture

What is aquaculture all about?

i believe that aquaculture is about water and marine life i think this because of the name aquaculture and aqua is water.

Are border collies only for farms?

They are good for farms but they can be used for family pets, but you have to have a lot of space for it to run

What did Spain do to run farmers in the colonies in the Americas?

They used indians to run there farms.

What are the disadvantages of aquaculture?

It depends on what form of aquaculture. species such as salmon and those that are carnivorous and actually require feed derived from wild fish. The amount of captured fish to raise farmed fish is massive (something like a ratio of 4:1) this then is a huge issue for the sustainability of wild fish stocks. Beyond this many of the farms can be environmentally degrading affecting local fish with disease, escapment etc. additionally the seabed can become a wasteland. It should be noted that the extent of effects are limited by the location and size of farms.

What do yolk folk do?

They run chicken farms.

When was Aquaculture International created?

Aquaculture International was created in 1993.

How did Stalin modernized agriculture in the Soviet Union?

combinded small family farms into collective farms run by the state

What are private farms?

Private farms are equivalent to family farms or hobby farms that raise and produce animals and/or plants without relying on corporate funding. "Private farms" can be considered farms that don't feel the need to advertise their business to the public, or that are family-owned and run or run by a sole proprietorship. It should be noted though that most farms are not exactly private farms since they are influenced by the public through what the public (being comprised of consumers) chooses to consume that comes off the farm, be it a small family farm, or a large corporate farm.

What has the author Alice E Exner written?

Alice E. Exner has written: 'Aquaculture, economics and marketing' -- subject(s): Aquaculture, Aquaculture industry, Bibliography, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Aquaculture

Why did southern colonies increasingly turn toward slavery?

IN the south they had more farms, therefore they needed slaves to run the farms

What did Spain do to run farms in the colonies in the Americas?

By plaTi

How can you use aquaculture in a sentence?

Aquaculture means raising food in an underwater "farm." Here are some sentences.We raised enough food by aquaculture to last for the winter.He tried aquaculture, but he couldn't make the plants grow.They raised seaweed by aquaculture.

What is aquaculture?

Aquaculture-The practice of raising a fish and other water organisms for food.

What is the SIC Code for Animal Aquaculture?


What are the 10 branches of agriculture?

aquaculture, agricultural engineering.

What has the author Paula Holland written?

Paula Holland has written: 'Managing resource use conflicts in aquaculture' -- subject(s): Aquaculture industry, Fishery resources, Management 'Disaster risk management in the Pacific' -- subject(s): Emergency management, Risk management, Natural disasters 'Aquaculture policy' -- subject(s): Aquaculture, Aquaculture industry, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Aquaculture industry, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Aquaculture industry, Fishery management, Government policy

What is extensive aquaculture?

extensive aquaculture is low production, low cost aquaculture. An example of this would be if you had a pond for raising Tilapia in Africa, and were only raising them to feed the community you were in.

What environmental factors may limit the growth of aquaculture?

Such environmental issues include aquatic pollution as a result of urbanization and industrialization in the area, sand filling and dredging of harbor, pesticide run-off from agricultural land, conflict of land use between aquaculture and industries, tourism, and others.

What is the difference between capture fishing mariculture and aquaculture?

1.Aquaculture is related to freshwater, mariculture is identified with seawater. 2. Aquaculture is the branch involving the whole spectrum of fish products. But Mariculture pertains to a branch of aquaculture. 3. Aquaculture is farming of salt water and freshwater organisms like finfish, crustaceans molluscs and aquatic plants. Mariculture, on the other hand is a specialized wing of aquaculture that is undertaken in marine environments.