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How are area and perimeter and volume related?


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They are characteristics of geometric shapes. However, there is no simple relationship. A rectangle with a given perimeter can have a whole range of areas.

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the perimeter of the value is that the area and volume are perpendicular to each other

Area is a 2-dimensional measure. Perimeter is 1-dimensional and volume is 3-dimensional.

Neither. -- Perimeter = the distance all the way around it. -- Area = how much of the floor it covers. -- Volume = how much water it can hold.

The answer to the volume term is the amount of square area in perimeter

Volume is the amount of liquid a container can hold. Perimeter is the length of the borders outside a 2D figure. Area is the total space in a 2D shape.

perimeter is all the sides added, area is the base times the height, and volume is on a prism u multiply the three different measurements

Perimeter is the distance around an object and area is the amount of space/volume in an object (square,rectangle,triangle)

There is no perimeter of a circle. Only flat shapes have perimeters. You can however, find the circumference, surface area, and volume.

you have to x numbers by themselves to get the answer

Perimeter is a length, not an area or volume...

When linear dimensions are multiplied by 'K', - perimeter is also multiplied by 'K' - area is multiplied by K2 - volume is multiplied by K3

I think it depends on the shape

Volume = cross sectional area * lengthArea = 2* cross sectional area + perimeter of cross section * length

You need the area to find the volume of an object.

area comes out with squared units of measurement, volume with cubed, perimeter stays to the power of 1.

In general the larger the perimeter (of a flat shape) the greater the area. Given two congruent shapes the one with the larger perimeter has a greater area.But two shapes that are not congruent (or almost so) do not follow this rule: for example a rectangle fifteen units long and one unit wide has an area of 15 square units and a perimeter of 32 units. While a square with edges four units has an area of sixteen square units (one more than the other rectangle) but a perimeter of only sixteen units (half that of the long thin rectangle).So too with surface area and volume. Of two congruent 3 dimensional shapes, the one with the larger volume will also have a larger surface area.

perimeter : 4Larea : L2Volume : LBH

You study all the formulas of volume, area, perimeter, and surface area of each shape

Not if you are the score-keeper or if you are doing the area or the perimeter or the area of the field

Neither. Volume is cubic units and area is square units. Perimeter is just units.

Perimeter ratio is: is a path that surrounds an area and area ratio is: Area ratio is the cross sectional area of the nozzle exit divided by the cross sectional area of the nozzle throat.

Which solid?? For the same height, larger area of base = larger volume. So they are directly related.

Area is when you multiply the Base and height Perimeter Is when u add up all the sides Area is the total square feet or square inches of a space (think volume) It is found by multiplying the length by the width of the space. Perimeter is the linear measurement of the distance around the area.

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