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the plants growing in deserts have adaptations to prevent water loss for example cactus:

1. has no leaves to prevent water loss through transpiration.

2. stem is modified in such a way that it performs photosynthesis.

3.root system is well developed and grows in deep in search of water.

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Q: How are cactus adapted to survive in a desert?
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How does the desert help the cactus survive?

The desert does not help the cactus survive. The cactus survives despite the desert due to its adaptations..

How is the cactus plant adapted to survive long dry periods in a desert?

Its stem swell to conserve water.

Do sun flowers live in the desert?

No Sunflowers can not grow in the dessert. They are not adapted for that because they need moist soil. But cactus' live in the desert. A cactus is enabled to survive in hot and dry environments.

What plant can grow in the desert without water?

No plant can survive without water. However, some plants have adapted to live with little water, such as the cactus and many other desert plants.

Why cactus are found in Atacama Desert?

it is because cactus can survive in the desert so it is found in Atacama Desert.

How do Mexican poppies survive in the desert?

They survive by doing what a cactus does

What plants survive in a hot and dry desert?

A Cactus

Can a prickly cactus survive in a desert explain your answer?

I don't have a answer

How do plants survive in a desert?

Most desert plants survive in the desert by storing water in their cells. An example would be the cactus.

Why is the cactus well adapted to the desert?

Cactus are well adapted to deserts because their thick leaves contains lot of water so they don't die.

Why some plants can survive in desert?

Plants better adapted to conserve water survive in desert.

Can a cactus survive in the hottest part of the desert?

yes a cactus will survive because it stores water in its trunk for when it needs it most

How cactus plant adapted to survive in the desert?

The cactus plant absorbs plenty of water when it rains and stores in its stem. The plant survives on this water for rest of the ear

How does a cactus survive?

by heat sunlightand being in da desert

How does a cactus wren survive in the desert?

it watches brave wilderness

How does the Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy Owl survive the desert?


Can a cactus help us survive in a desert?

Yes for water.

Could a prickly pear cactus survive in a desert explain your answer?


What do cactus have in them?

mostly stored water, as they are well adapted to the dry desert environment.

How is a cactus adapted to grow in the desert?

waxy outer layer to keep moisture in.

How are cactus adapted to live in a desert?

They are just badman to look at with an attitude to match!

How are cactus adapted to store water in the desert?

Their stems are thick and sponge-like.

How do snakes survive in the desert?

Because they adapted to their surroundings.

What are plants in the desert?

The main plant that is in the desert is the cactus. Cactus are able to hold water for extended periods of time in order to survive.

What will happen to animals and plants if they are not adapted to the desert?

Organisms that are not adapted to living in a desert will probably not survive for long and die.