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Baking powder is typically used to make cakes rise. Baking powder is essentially, baking soda with an additional acid. When it reacts, it breaks down into carbon dioxide, water, and salt. The carbon dioxide causes bubbles in the cake mix, allowing the cake to rise.

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Q: How are chemicals involved in cake rising?
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Is softasilk cake flour self rising?

No it is not. I was looking for a non self-rising cake flour and Softasilk does not contain salt or carbonate products to make it self rising.

When to use rising intonation?

Well, when you're cake won't rise, rising intonation is perfect. Yeast doesn't always work, because it's expensive and can make your cake lose flavour. I recommend Walmart's Rising Intonation for all of your cake rising needs.

Is self rising flour the same as cake flour?


Can you make pound cake with self rising flour?

no you can not because when the dough is rising the inside is all air

Is cake flour the same as self rising flour?

No, cake flour is different from self rising flour. Cake flour is ground finer than all purpose flour and gives a silkier more desirable finished product.

What is the difference between plain flour and cake flour and how does affect your cake?

well, plain flour will stop your cake from rising and cake flour might make it rise.

Can self rising flour be used instead of cake flour?


Can you make cake flour from self rising flour?

Yes you can :)

How do you keep cake from rising in the middle?

Use a cooler oven.

What chemicals are involved in digestion?

The chemicals that are involved in the digestion by humans are the following: amylase, pepsin, HCl, endopeptidases, trypsin, and chymotrypsin.

Is chemical a cake mix is mixed to make cake?

There is cake flour that you can buy from the store if you want to make it from scratch.I can found it in my local walmart.But thee are no chemicals in cake.

How do I make brownie mix into brownie funnel cake?

Absolutely Best Brownies Funnel Cake funnel cake recipe with self rising flour

When two chemicals react when they are mixed the chemicals are called?

The chemicals which are involved in a reaction are called Reagents or Reactants

Can you use self-rising cake flour if a recipe calls for self-rising flour?

not sure 2nd Answer: You can use self-rising cake flour . . . it is a finer powder that plain self-rising flour, though, so you may have to add a wee bit more liquid to the batter.

Can you substitute self rising flour for non self rising flour?

your cake/whatever your making will not rise if you do not use the specified ingredients

What chemicals are involved in motivation?

all of em

What changes take place when you bake a cake?

The air bubbles in the mixture expand and burst, rising the cake, and gluten forms the crust.

Can you use self rising flour in angel food cake?

No, you either want to use cake flour or all purpose flour.

What are the five skill and three competencies in involved in baking a cake?

just enjoy baking a cake

What is self rising cake flour?

Self rising cake flour is flour that rises on its own as its got rising agent already added this means no yeast or baking powder needs to be added .Rising flour can also work out cheaper then buying the two ingredients sperateley.Just make sure to buy normal flour to bake things that do not need rising agents eg cookies.

Explain why baking soda is an important component of a cake recipe?

It is a rising agent.

Where to purchase presto self rising cake flour in Fairfax VA?

in a store

What is acetylation and which chemicals are commonly involved?

Acetylation describes the process of an introduction of an acetyl functional group into chemical compounds. Chemicals that are commonly involved are succinic acid.

How do you make cake smoothly?

Use a smooth bottomed cake pan and coat it lightly with flour at the bottom, Regular flour not self rising.

Is self rising and cake flour the same thing?

No, they are different. Cake flour is just wheat flour ground really fine-it is soft and silky. Self rising flour is all purpose flour that has salt and baking powder in it.