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They will be based on the parent's income and possibly other available assets. If said person is not employed it is likely the judge will order him or her to get a job. Before the question is raised, yes, a judge does have the legal authority in a child support and other such cases to enforce the order. If the person does not comply, he or she can be held in contempt of court and experience more legal complications, for example, being jailed.

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Q: How are child support laws different when the person that is paying is a college student?
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If You are a parent in college do you still have to pay child support?

Student status will not exempt you from paying support. However, support is based on a percentage of net income.

What if the noncustodial parent is in college?

In general, child support is based on a percentage of net income. Being a student doesn't exempt one from paying support, altho lack of income might.

Can a father stop paying child support when the child is 18 but still lives at home and is a fulltime college student in Oklahoma?

See Link BelowChild Support Age-At what age does child support stop and what steps need to be taken to bring this about?

Does my husband have to carry on paying child support when the kids are at college?


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What age does the noncustodial parent stop paying child support on a child in college in the state of Indiana?

my son is 21 years old, when can i stop paying child support?

In NY what age can you stop paying child support when your child is in college?

When the child is 21.

What term refers to a state paying part of the cost of a college education for resident student?

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Are congressman's children exempt from paying back student loans?

Yes, they have to pay back college loans.

Where can you get another student loan to pay your ex child support if you are a full time college student and he won't let you talk to your kids unless you give him money?

Visitation is separate in all respects from child support. You should get a job or live more cheaply so that you can pay child support. Paying off another loan is just delaying the problem, plus interest.

Can the cosigner of a student loan be removed from the loan if the student did not use the loan for its intended purpose And the student did not finish college and is not paying the loans?

NO you have s secondary obligation for the note, not the money or how it was or was not used.

What is the legal age to stop child support when in college?

The legal age for the non-custodial parent, to stop paying child support if the child is in college is 21. Hope this helps.

How long do you have to pay child support in New York State if child is in college but lives on there own?

telll me this who is paying child support?

If an underage teen is pregnant and the father was paying child support before the teen got pregnant does the father stop paying child support?

The father will be paying (or SHOULD be paying) child support at LEAST until the child turns 18, and could possibly have to pay longer depending on what a judge says. For instance, in some cases if the father is a college graduate, then some courts require them to pay some kind of support if the child continues through college.

If a child is 20 and going to college are divorcing parents responsible for college costs?

NO ... if your parents are divorcing or not the responsibility is on the student ... your patents don't have to fund your education weather that be elementary or collage ... if you are collecting child support then the parent who is paying said said support MUST pay till the age of 23 if said child is still in school ...

Does South Carolina state law require child support to continue while child attends college?

I hate to say it, but, yes, you are paying child support until the kid is out of college.

In PA when are you no longer responsible for paying child support?

You will no longer have to pay child support once your child reaches 18 years old and they choose not to attend college. If they attend college full-time, you will be ordered to continue paying until they either graduate or drop out.

How old does your child have to be to stop paying child support in Missouri?

Depends on whether the child goes to college.

When does a father stop paying child support and his son in college?

Whenever the legal papers say it ends.

Can you stop paying child support if your full time studient?

In general, the amount of child support is based on net income; student status does not, in itself, exempt one from paying support. The court may require you to seek employment in order to meet your obligation to your child[ren].

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Can you get child support if boyfriend in college?

Most definitely! There would be absolutely no excuse for someone not paying child support, if it is not paid legal actions can be taken.

Do you pay child support even if the child goes away to college?

A parent quits paying child support when the child reaches the age of 18