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How are colloids used in industries?


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March 04, 2010 9:49PM

Colloids have uses in our daily life as well as in various industrial processes. Some of the applications where colloids are present are listed below.

  • Pharmaceutical industry makes use of colloidal solution preparation in many medicines. A wide variety of medicines are emulsions. An example is Cod Liver Oil.
  • Paint industry also uses colloids in the preparation of paints.
  • Asphalt emulsified in water is used for building roads.
  • In metallurgical operations the metal ores are concentrated by froth-flotation process which involves the treatment of the pulverized ore in emulsion of pine oil.
  • The negatively charged rubber particles from rubber sol are deposited on wares and handles of different tools. Rubber gloves are formed by rubber plating on a suitable templates.