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Q: How are computers and typewriters similar?
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What are the differences in typewriters and computers?

Computers process information, typewriters simply transcribe words onto paper.

What did the computers replace?


What are the same features of typewriters and computers?


How are typewriters and computers alike?

they both have keyboards

In what year did typewriters become obsolete?

Typewriters have become more obsolete in the late 1990s as computers have become more relevant. There has not been a use for typewriters as technology has advanced.

How did typewriters contribute to computers?

Typewriters gave way to word processors and defined the keyboard standard we take granted for today.

Are typewriters related to modern day computers?

Yes, one of the companies well known in the Computer Industry was called International Business Machines when they built the business building Typewriters. That company is now known as IBM. Both Typewriters and computer use keyboards. Typewriters were invented before Computers but a Typewriter can do some things but a Computer can do a lot more

What is different about computers and typewriters?

The basic typewriter is a mechanical devise that prints a letter in resonse to user pressing a matching key. Later, electric typewriters were designed and some had capability for a minimum memory to restrike or store input. Computers are used to process data from user input and can store data. Just because it has a similar keyboard they are totally different. Some computers do not have keyboards and take input from other sources.

What are the types of computers in the world?

typewriters laptops and desktop boards

What kind of office equipment do secretaries use?

computers typewriters

How much did the first typewriters cost?

The first typewriters costed an average of $250. They were originally invented by Christopher Sholes. He invented the typewriter in 1868 and also introduced the QWERTY system to typewriters, which was later used in computers.

Why did typewriters stop being used?

I believe that typewriters stopped being used during the early 1980s, when computers and printers were made widely available.

How did computers originate?

They originated from the first calcutators and typewriters, and advanced since then.

How is the typewriter used today?

A modern typewriter is known as a word processing program, similar to Microsoft Word. Typewriters are currently used by a niche group of people who prefer typing over computers.

Are computers typewriters?

yes computers are basically a type writer just a newer fancy more hi teck sort of thing

What is a type writer used for?

A type writer way back when was sort of like today's computers. People used typewriters to type up papers before the age of computers. Some people, including Ray Bradbury, still use typewriters, although computers have pretty much filled that space in society.

What do typewriters have on it?

typewriters are a very old fashion way of typing up stuff. since it is so old it dosent have the same features as laptops or computers. so basically all typewriters do is print words on paper

When was the computer keyboard invented?

existing electric typewriters were adapted for use on several early computers.

What are the tools replaced by computers?

fax machines,calculators,typewriters,accountbook,reminder pad and etc...

What are the five values of accounting?

includes computers, typewriters, adding machines and the like that are used in the store

When did people stop using typewriters?

Based on my own experience, people were still using typewriters into the 90's. Not because it was cool, but because computers were still pretty lame and not everyone had one.

How typewriters began to phase out?

Electric typewriters began to become a regular thing in the 1970's, and, believe it or not, some people used them all the way until the 1990s when computers became a regular device (though most offices had computers installed in the 1980s). The final typewriters were much more advanced than you might think-- some electric typewriters from the late 1980s had LCD displays and printers that could be plugged in. It was not the typical, loud, clacky typewriter of the early 20th century.

If there were no typewriters and no computers you might hire this person to write something for you?

You must have spelling lesson 31. A scribe.

What was invented 50 years ago?

There were typewriters and early tvs and radios and really big slow computers

How did companies work before there were computers?

They used manual accounting methods (pen and paper), typewriters, telephones and letters !