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How are computers classified?

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size, capcity, and speed

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How computers are being classified?

Classified computers will mean the computer has classified information on there. most computers are not classified and are used for personal and work use.

What are PCs that are classified as mobile computers?

what PCs that are classified as mobile computers?

Classification of computer according to capacity?

When classified according to capacity, the computers can be classified into five groups. The five groups includes the super computers, the large computers, the medium sized computers, the mini computers and the micro computers.

Are simple adding machines classified as computers and are they classified as a universal Turing machine?

No, and no.

How many varieties of computers are there?

Computers are classified on the bases of their size and speed as under:

What is the difference between classification of computer and classified computer?

A classification of a computer would be the grouping of computers into a distinct type, for instance analogue or digital computers. A classified computer is one which is deemed to be secret in design or containing classified information.

Classification of computers according to capabilities?

There are numerous classifications of computers based on their capabilities. They can broadly be classified into Supercomputers, Mainframe Computers, Minicomputers and Microcomputers.

How are computers classified on the basis of their size and capacity and speed?


Are mechanical calculators classified as computers and are they universal Turing machines?

No, and no.

Define what classifies a computer This definition can effect the history that you present?

Computers are classified by a number of aspects. By purpose/functionality they are classified into special and general purpose. By size they are classified into mainframes, mini computers, desktops and portables. Historically, the more recent generations of computers were smaller in size and more general-purpose than their predecessors.

Pictures of different computers?

Pictures of different computers can be obtained from a variety of sources on the web. Computers can be classified according to size, brand, functionality etc.

Computers are classified by price processing speed capacity and?

physical size

What is the Classification of computer by purpose?

Computers are classified according to purpose they are designed for.Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Mainframes, Super Computers etc.

Clasification of computer?

The computers are broadly classified into four categories. The four categories includes the microcomputers, the minicomputers, the mainframe computers and the supercomputers.

How many group application of computers is classified in material management?

2 groups

What is the classification by purpose of the computer?

Computers can be classified into general purpose and special purpose computers. General purpose computers can be applied to a variety of tasks while special purpose computers are molded to suit a particular task.

What are the types of computers according to size and power?

Computers are classified by size and processing power. It is impossible to list all the computers according to size and power. Computers can be built to needs of the users with size and power customized.

Classification of digital computer?

Digital computers are classified based on their size into microcomputers, minicomputers and mainframe computers. Other types include supercomputers, network computers, laptops, palmtops and PDAs.

What is the classification of computer based on purpose?

Computers can be classified in 2 ways according to purpose. They are,1) General Purpose Computers (For normal day to day usage)2) Specific Purpose Computers (Computers built for a specific task)

Explain various types of computer?

Based on the principles of operation, computers can be classified into analog, digital and hybrid computers. Based on the configuration, computer types include, super, mainframe, mini and micro computers.

Were there computers in the camps in Vietnam during the war?

Any computers existing in those days were primarily for classified usage by military intelligence, the CIA, etc. etc.

How do military computers impact personal computers?

Military Computers are Created for one Purpose, Military work. Military computers are highpowered so they can hold Classified Information, The Best Firewalls, and everything to stop hackers, Personal Computers have different purposes, and Range from RAM and Firewall Usage

Are personal computers micro computers or mini computers?

The phrase "personal computer" can be any computer that is intended for personal use literally at least. A PC can be classified as a micro, mini, or another form of computer specification.

What is meant by the term server?

A server can either connect a cluster of computers, or be used to store Web pages that can be retrieved by users. Most such computers are classified as minicomputers and can process many connections.

What are the classification of computer according to type of data?

Based on data handled, computers can be classified into three. Analog, digital and hybrid.