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How are computers used in America?

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this sounds to me as if it's the topic for a large term paper. As such it's out of scope for a site such as this. Please begin your research through both various search engines (IF your instructor permits!) and discuss your needs with the reference librarian at your school or community library.

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Where can one find a used Acer Aspire?

123Compute specializes in selling wholesale used computers, used laptops, and used monitors . They ship reconditioned Computers and Monitors to any where in North America by UPS.

Is there a continent with no access to computers?

No. There are computers in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and even Antarctica.

What are computers used for in government?

why computers used in government

How are computers used on earth?

Computers are used for everything

Where computers made in America?

no. Computers originated in Asia, about 5,000 years ago.

What country is specialized for computers?


How were the first computers used?

Computers were used for working purposes.

Where all are computers used today?

How Are Computers Used Today?

How many homes in America have computers?

a staggering 94% of all Americans have computers now.

Why controllers are not used in computers?

There are many types of controllers used in computers.

Why computers are used in collages?

Computers are used everywhere, not just in colleges.

What are the uses of computers in movie theater?

Computers are used for ticketing and in the concessions. Computers can also be used in the showing of the film.

How do computers used in flight attendent?

Please reword your question for clarity. Do you mean How are computers used by flight attendants? How are computers used in flight attendant training? How are computers used by airlines to schedule flight attendants?

What were the first computers used for?

AnswerThe first computers were used for military use specifically.

Who would be interested in buying used computers?

who would buy used computers

Do Americans depend on computers?

We use computers a lot for work and playing our favorite games. I think about 75% of America depends on computers for work.

Are old computers used to make new computers?


How many computers per household in America?


Are Computers that used transistors are referred to as third-generation computers?

no, second generation. third generation computers used ICs.

What is the percentage of computers used in 2011?

Of those computers in use in 2011, 100% are used.

How computers used in hospital?

Computers are used in hospitals to store the medical history of the patients. Computers are also used in the hospitals for scanning and imaging and examination and evaluation purposes.

Does Chile have computers?

Yes, although Latin America may have less connectivity to the internet, Chile does have computers. In fact, Chile is arguably the most developed country of South America.

What cable types can be used to network two computers?

You can connect two or more computers using the following cables: Network cable USB cable Serial (used in old computers) Parallel (used in old computers)

What computers will used vacuum tubes?

First generation computers.

Which motor is used in computers?

Computers don't contain motors.