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Identical twins are created when 1 eggs splits into 2. Conjoined twins are the result of identical twins not separating all the way.


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No. Conjoined twins are always identical twins. Identical twins are always the same sex.

Conjoined twins are always identical twins and they are always the same sex.

not evenclose, a clone doesn't even have the exact same DNA as the original

No, everyone has unique fingerprints, even identical twins (conjoined or not).

Conjoined twins are identical but attached to each other and may share organs depending where they are attached to the others body. Conjoined twins are attached because the egg cells have not separated properly in the mothers womb.

No. Conjoined twins are always identical twins, and never just fraternal twins. Identical twins come from a single embryo that splits. In the case of conjoined twins, a complete split never occurs. So when they come from the same embryo, they are always the same gender.

Nature has various safety valves. That is one of them. Conjoined Twins are identical twins with a natural connective bond, therefore they always take the same sex. Fraternal twins, like the fictional Bobbseys, can be Boy and Girl.

There is no genetic component that results in conjoined twins. They are created by an imperfect separation of identical twin concepti.

Identical twins are identical and the egg that they came from split into two giving them the same DNA. Conjoined twins are where the division process is not completed and the embryos remain attached, sometimes sharing organs.

Sometimes an embryo splits after fertilization into two. This makes identical twins. When the embryo splits, but remains attached to the other, you get conjoined twins.

They are just alike.......

Yes. Conjoined twins are always identical (monozygotic) twins, and identical twins are always the same sex.There is a theoretical case where identical twins could be opposite genders, when the babies are female but in one of the females, a branch of one X chromosome breaks away; however, I don't believe this has ever been observed.

Conjoined twins result when the zygote of identical twins fails to completely separate. That being said, identical twins occur when a single zygote, that is, a fertilized egg, divides into two separate embryos. The embryos will then, with all conditions met, develop into fetuses sharing the same womb. When the zygote doesn't fully separate, the embryos develop into fetuses without dissolving their connection. Conjoined twins are always identical; fraternal (non-identical) twins are the result of two separate eggs being fertilized by two separate sperm and being so, avoid the incomplete division necessary to form conjoined twins.

Just that, female conjoined twins. In some languages all nouns have gender, so in French, Les Jumelles Siamesienne, the enne suffix would mean female. By the way, conjoined twins, being also identical twins, are always the same gender.

Yes. Conjoined twins form when the fertilized egg starts to split, but does not completely split into two. Improved. There are no known cases of opposite sex Conjoined twins but that does not mean it can not happen. it is generally believed that identical twins means actually identical but the correct term now is actually monzygotic twins meaning one sack the reason they use this term is because to simply put it identical twins is actually rare when twins are born of the same sack Mono they are rarely actually identical and as such it is possible for a monozygotic twins to not completely sperate but in rare cases actual identical twins can in fact be of seperate sexual phenotype's they usually have some other defect

Yes. Fraternal twins don't look alike at all. Identical, meaning to look the same, are well, identical.

Identical twins are born together, and look exactly alike.Nonidentical twins are born together, but do not look exactly alike.A good example of non identical would be boy and girl twins,

Conjoined, "Siamese", twins are by definition identical twins. Their fingerprints will be very similar but often not completely identical.

Identical twins look exactly alike.

Conjoined twins used to be called Siamese twins if that is what you mean. The politically correct term is now conjoined twins.

Fraternal Twins. They are born when the mother produces an extra egg and may be no more alike than any other siblings. The previous poster mentioned "Siamese twins." This is another name for conjoined twins. Conjoined twins are Identical twins who never completely separated in the womb and thus share portions of their body. While modernly they can usually be separated surgically; there are occasions when this is not possible since they share vital organs (like the heart) and one or both would not survive being separated.

Conjoined twins cannot be bred. This condition is not genetic.A set of male conjoined twins fathering children with a set of female conjoined twins will almost certainly produce children who are not even twins at all.

If they are identical then they will sorta look alike, if they are ferturnal they do ALIKE.I am a Twin so I would no!

The most famous (Chinese) conjoined twins were the Siamese twins

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