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Q: How are diamonds put into jewelry?
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Are real diamonds put in jewelry that is gold electroplated?

Yes, sometimes diamonds are set into plated jewelry.

Where is it possible to buy jewelry featuring yellow diamonds?

You can buy jewelry featuring Yellow Diamonds at Joseph Jewelry, the Custom Jewelry Designers. They have the most exquisite diamonds available. You can also design your own jewelry and they carry 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Do they put diamonds on 925 jewelry?

925 Jewlery is silver and jewlers do not put diamonds on silver. Diamonds need to be set with gold or platinum. There are various karat classifications of gold (10k, 12k, etc) the different grades of gold determine the quality and "softness" of the gold.

Can you put real diamonds in silver jewelry?

yes, in-fact silver is better than gold for Diamonds, as it has better hold on diamonds. But silver is not as much luxurious as Gold that why people go with Gold or White Gold.

Where can I sell jewelry online?

Yes, you can sell your expensive diamond jewelry online. Cash for Diamonds, WP Diamonds, Wabash Diamond Buyers, Cash for Diamonds and Circa Jewels are online websites where you could sell your expensive diamond jewelry.

What do you call a person who sells diamonds and jewelry?

A person who sells diamonds and jewelry is called a Jeweler. A gemologist identifies, grades and values gemstones. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Richard

Where can one buy gold jewelry that includes diamonds?

One may buy gold jewelry that include diamonds from Mappins. They have a great selection of jewelry and can customize it for their customers if needed.

What do diamonds make?


Where can I sell diamond jewelry online?

Yes, you can sell your expensive diamond jewelry online. Cash for Diamonds, WP Diamonds, Wabash Diamond Buyers, Cash for Diamonds and Circa Jewels are online websites where you could sell your expensive diamond jewelry.

What is an inexpensive jewelry that is effective as a dress ornament?

Classic white Diamonds high Jewelry creations, showcasing eternally classic Diamonds cut, polish and brought to life. The World’s Favorite platform to Buy Diamond, Jewelry, Emeralds Jewelry, Ruby jewelry & Sapphire Jewelry Online. Humans have attracted diamonds for many centuries that is the main reason the prices of the Diamond increased day by day but they still love diamonds and buying it. The White diamond looks very attractive and beautifully designed. White Diamonds Jewellery In most, the term refers to the absence of color. Some of these differences are not visible to the naked eye, but directly impact the overall quality and price of the White Diamonds Jewellery.

Are diamonds and jewelry the same?

No. Diamonds are gemstones; jewelery can be any accessory adornment.

Are diamonds found in Illinois?

Natural, raw diamonds are not a natural resource found in Illinois, but they do have diamonds that are sold as jewelry.

Need to know the top importers/exporters of diamonds & jewelry in Pakistan?

Asghar Jewellers - Pakistan is the top importers/exporters of diamonds & jewelry in Pakistan

What type of jewelry has quartz in it?


Where does the jewelry store Jared get its diamonds?

Their only public disclaimer on their Web site reads: "What is your policy regarding conflict diamonds? Jared the Galleria of Jewelry does not sell conflict diamonds."

Where can one purchase a loose diamond?

Someone looking to purchase a loose diamond could do so at a jewelry store or even from an online site. Jewelry stores like Kays Jewelry or Zales have looks diamonds that can be placed into any type of jewelry. Also, online sites like enchanted Diamonds offer loose diamonds for purchasing.

What can diamonds be used for besides jewelry?

Diamonds are not just used as jewelry, it could be a cutting tool too, its sharp it could cut something. Sometimes there are clear diamonds,and you could use them to make glasses. :)

What is the difference between Aboriginal jewelry and African jewelry?

Pearls, Diamonds, Emeralds, and gold

What jewelry do Sikhism wear?


Do Swarovski earrings have conflict free diamonds in them?

Swarovski earrings are not real diamonds, therefore there is no concern about conflict free diamonds. Swarovski jewelry is made from crystals, not diamonds.

Who cuts Herkimer Diamonds?

Any jewelry could cut a Herkimer diamond, but they are not used in jewelry as they are not actually diamonds, its a type of quartz, which is the most abundant mineral in the earth's crust.

What are diamonds used in?

Diamonds are used in jewelry and other decorative items such as crowns. Smaller diamonds are used in abrasives and crystal cutting tools.

Are faux diamonds good?

'Good' is relative. Many people wear jewelry that contains faux diamonds.

What do they make with diamonds?

Jewelry and industrial cutting tools -- about 75% of diamonds mined are used for the latter purpose.

What are some consumption issues with diamonds?

people could get sick of how people are wasting diamonds on only jewelry.!