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it is born by egg

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Q: How are dragonflies born?
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Are dragonflies born with compound vision?

Dragonflies are not babies. Nymphs are.So no.

Do dragonflies eat other dragonflies?


How do dragonflies adapt to water?

Dragonflies don't adapt but are born in water so they naturally know what to do. They do however grow older and come onto land where they become the dragonflies we see to today.

Are dragonflies reptiles?

No. Dragonflies are insects.

Are dragonflies crustaceans?

No, Dragonflies are insects

Are dragonflies decomposers?

No. Dragonflies are predators.

Are dragonflies a consumer or a decomposer?

Dragonflies are consumers.

Symbolism of dragonflies?

The symbolism of dragonflies is freedom.

What is a dragonflies prey?

frogs eat dragonflies

Are dragonflies invertebrates or vertebrates?

Dragonflies are invertebrates

How do dragonflies communicate with other dragonflies?

they fart

Why do dragonflies buzz?

dragonflies buzz to communicate

Do dragonflies eat slugs?

No, dragonflies do not eat slugs.

What do you call a group of dragonflies?

A Fetch of dragonflies.

What is the word for a lot of dragonflies together?

A swarm of dragonflies.

Do dragonflies have predators?

Birds are dragonflies natural predators.

Are dragonflies nocturnal?

No Dragonflies are not nocturnal as their food is out at night.

Does dragonflies live in the amazon?

NO, Dragonflies do not live in the amozon.

Do dragonflies have lungs?

Yes, dragonflies have lungs!!!! Your Welcome

Are dragonflies in the rainforest?

yes you can find dragonflies in the rainforest

Do dragons make dragonflies?

Dragonflies are real but dragons are not.

Does dragonflies spread pollen?

no dragonflies do not take pollen

Where are dragonflies born?

They are born under water then turn into Larvae.They then turn into adults after their hard skin has peeled.

Who were the ancestors of dragonflies?

The ancestors to the dragonflies was the Protondonata. These were the 1st winged insects on Earth and the earliest form of dragonflies.

Do dragonflies have an exoskeleton?

Yes, dragonflies do have exoskeletons. Dragonflies (Anisoptera) are insects and all adult insects have exoskeletons.Yes