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How are earth and Mars different?


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Earth is bigger then Mars

Mars has frozen water and the Earth has bothe liquid and solid water.

The man leave on earth and cannot produce life on mars^_^

Mars is known as the red planet while the earth is the blue planet


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earth is bigger than mars

No, Earth and Mars are two different planets.

earth and mars are like and different because they have a atmosphere and gravity

Mars is farther than earth. Mars is colder.

it is different climate on earth because earth has a green house effect and mars does not.

Earth to Mars : "Curiosity" took about 250 Earth days.Mars to Earth could be different.

Earth and mars are totally different. Earth is green and blue. Mars is red & brown. WE live on earth and martitans live on Mars. Mars is not cool but earth is. Earth has living things mars doesnt.!!!!

Earth is made of water and land. Mars is made of just red dirt. There is life on Earth and no life on Mars.

Mars has a tilt of 25.19o whereas the Earth has a tilt of 23.5o

The gravity on Mars is 0.379 that of Earth.

Mars has no water or atmosphere.

Earth has 1 moon, Mars has 2 Mars is smaller and Earth is bigger Mars only has frozen water, Earth has all states of water (liquid, gas, and solid)

it's not total different because mars has foothills

Atmosphere and gravity

No. Time passes just the same on Mars as it does on Earth.

well mars is red and has less gravity not holding down as well as earth objects

Mars is completely different to earth as it is a red dusty, stormy, mountainous frozen waste land.

mars is closer to the sun than the earth so it will complete it cycle around the sun quicker.

Only in its magnitude ... about 38% of its magnitude on Earth.

There are many differences from the earth and mars but here are some:Mars is much, much colder as it orbits round the sun further away than earth does.Mars has no oceans or seas etc.Mars is half the size of Earth.Mars hasn't been found with living beings on the planet.Mars is red!!Hope this helps! :)

Two ways are: 1-Mars is very, very dry, yet 97% of Earth is water,which is wet 2-Mars doesn't have ENOUGH water for life, but Earth does.

No,Mars can't bump into Earth because,the gravity isn't strong enough to pull Mars over to Earth. Mars and the earth cant bump because they are in different orbits. They will remain the same distance from the sun and cannot bump into each other.

It has many more craters than Earth does.

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