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Q: How are eggs produced in women?
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What gametes are produced by women?

Eggs... male it's sperm !

When is the female egg produced?

The ovaries do not produce more eggs, women are born with all the eggs they will ever have.

Where does the female egg come from?

Female eggs come from the ovaries. These are the female gonads where all the eggs a women will have are produced before birth.

In a flower what are the eggs produced by?

In a flower what are the eggs produced by the plant's sex organs. The eggs in a plant are produced by the ovary.

Where are eggs produced in the female frog?

Frog eggs are produced in the ovaries.

Where is eggs produced in?

they are produced by chickens

Where are eggs produced the more?

Probably the most eggs are produced the more in the battery hens systems at farms. Lots of eggs are produced by squashing terribly chickens in these confined spaces.So the eggs are produced the more at the locations where these are.

Where are eggs produced?

Human eggs are produced inside of the woman's ovaries. Eggs are released from the ovary in a process called ovulation.

What is produced by the ovaries?

eggs are produced in the ovaries

Where the eggs of gymnosperms and angiosperms are produced?

In Gymnosperm eggs are produced in the archegonia and in angiosperms in the embyo sac

What immature cells are eggs produced from?

Eggs are produced from cells called Oocytes

Is there a way to be a triplet but have different mothers weird question you know but theres a story behind this?

Yes, normally the eggs are produced by the mother having the baby and therefore all babies produced by that mother are hers. However, modern technology allows women to donate eggs to infertile women. IF this technique were to be used and several fertilized eggs from different women were implanted into a mother, then in this circumstance the actual (genetic) mothers would not be the birth mother.

Are female eggs produced while pregnant?

No, a woman is born with all the eggs she will have. They are not produced later in life, nor are they produced while she is pregnant.

Where are the eggs of an earthworm produced within its body?

the eggs are produced within the lemon shaped sack, which is part of the worm.

Where are eggs produced in a woman?

Eggs are produced in the ovaries, then when they are formed they travel through the filopian tubes and met with a sperm.

Where are the eggs of gymnosperms and angiosperms produced?

The eggs of the Gymnosperms are produced inside archegonia and in angiosperms inside the embyo sacs.

Where are the eggs produced?

in the ovaries

When are eggs produced?


What are produced in the ovaries?


What is produced in the ovary?


What produces sperm and eggs?

Sperm are produced in the testicles by a layer of cells in the seminiferous tubules. Eggs are produced in follicles in in the ovaries.

Can women produce sperm as well as eggs?

No Women only produce eggs from there ovaries .

How many eggs are produced by each ovary in each year of non pregnant women?

It is different for each women. On average every month one egg is let go from the ovary. Sometimes more then one can be let go and this can lead to twins. Unlike men, women do not "make" eggs like men make sperm. Women have a set number from birth, so when we run out of eggs we inter into menopause.

How many dozen eggs were produced in the us in 1998?

6,657,000,000 eggs.

What is the female organs where eggs are produced?

The ovaries produce and store the eggs