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How are electric guitar chords and scales used?

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"How_Electric_Guitar_Chords_and_Scales_Are_Used">How Electric

Guitar Chords and Scales Are Used

Well, if you mean actually on the guitar, they are the building

blocks of any song. The chords are the combinations of notes played

in songs. Scales are mostly a practice routine, but you can build

basic songs out of scales. On paper, scales and chords intstruct

you where to put your hand on the guitar. For example





though the notes are progressing to diffent frets you would keep

your hand on the G chord.

Scales can also be used to help write a guitar solo

A great way to learn about using scales and chords together is

by listening to and learning 'little wing' by jimi hendrix. In this

song, he plays chords, and then uses notes from scales (that relate

to those chords) to form nice melodic parts.

scales can be used and improvised within to create scales and

chords are chords, you just put them together in what ever way

sounds good.

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