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How are film scripts and theatre scripts different?

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Film scripts are usually set, for example

Chris "oh dear!" the actor couldn't say "oh no!"

Where as theatre scripts are more relaxed.

Film scripts also give scene changes and any computer generated activity is usually indicated.

Theatre scripts give light directions, curtain falls and in some cases, tell the actor to use a colloquial style to the audience... Pantomimes are usually a good example of this :)

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A film script is written so that everyone involved in telling the story on film can use it as a guide. The people involved are all those listed in a film's credits. One page of script for a film -- 8-1/2" x 11" -- is usually about one minute of screen time. Film scripts 'open up' so that scenes can take place anywhere.

A script for a play is written so that the director can control and manage telling the story within the proscenium of a stage. The director uses the script to set-up actors within those confines. As well, set designers, costumers and so forth are required: with far fewer people in support than are involved in making a film. There is no set amount of time for a page of stage play, since the page sizes are so wildly different, depending on the publisher. Stage plays are confined to the stage.

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