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Frogs have adapted in their eye placement, which helps them easily find food and avoid predators. They are camouflaged to blend in with their surroundings and have developed very powerful legs to allow for long jumps.

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Why do some species of frogs live in the rainforest?

Because that is their natural habitat. And they have just adapted to it.

Can you give us facts about a frog's habitat?

a frogs habitat has wet marshy watera frogs habitat has frogsa frogs habitat has wet grassa frogs habitat has probably trees and tree stumpsa frogs habitat has snakes maybe

What is adapted?

When the features of an organism help it to survive in a habitat, it is adapted to that habitat.

How is a ant adapted for its habitat?

it is because it is so small which makes it adapted to its habitat.

How have tree frogs adapted to their habitat?

They have moist skin, because of the hot and humid habitat and they can breathe through their skin to breathe underwater. Their bright colours are camouflage on the underside of leaves too!

What is the frogs most common habitat?

A frogs most common habitat is living in water

Why do frogs live in freshwater?

Frogs are not adapted to survive in saltwater.

Why will you not find frogs in sea?

Frogs are not adapted to live in saltwater.

Give one way in which you think an Ankylosaurus was adapted to its habitat?

He was adapted to its habitat because it can camoufalge

Why do animals live in different habitat?

Different animals adapt to different environments and habitats, like fish adapt to the ocean and frogs adapted to the rainforests.

Where is a frogs habitat?

There are several species of frogs. Most frogs live in ecosystems that are warm and that have a water source. Frogs need a habitat that supports feeding, and reproducing to thrive.

How are fish adapted to their habitat?

Fish are adapted to their habitat in that they breathe through gills and do not have to surface to take in air. They are also adapted to their habitat in their coloring which helps them to hide among water plants.

Why will you not find frogs in the sea?

Frogs are not adapted to live in salt water.

How is a CHIPMUNK adapted for its habitat?

they are adapted to their habitat because they have claws to kepp food in their hands and to hang on trees

How is a Rhinoceros Beetle adapted to its habitat?

it has adapted because it needs to

How are predators adapted?

they are adapted so they can live in there own habitat

How do animals adapted their habitat?

They Do

How can you help take care of a frogs habitat?

The biggest threat to frogs is pollution. Avoiding the use of chemicals such as pesticides keeps them out of the frog's habitat, and lets frogs stay healthy. Also, protecting their habitat from human construction is important. If you have a yard, you can grow plants and create ponds to be a habitat for frogs.

Where did all the frogs go?

Into their usual Habitat Into their usual Habitat

How have ants adapted to their habitat?

Ants have adapted to their habitat in a great variety of ways. Ants have learned to forage for food for example.

How are frogs adapted on land and in the sea?

they can breath

How is the ant adapted to his habitat?

a ant is adapted to its habbatt because they work

What is a flying frogs habitat?

the rainforest

How do frogs live in their habitat?

They Do Not Die!

What is a Darwin frogs habitat?


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