Mycology or Fungi

How are fungi different than plants?

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2014-06-30 13:15:39

Fungi don't have leaves or roots and are not producers. They

don't photosynthesize, and they have cell walls made out of chitin.

Plants have cellulose, pectin, and hemicellulose in their cell

walls. Thus Fungi don't make their own food and they lack


Most plants are autotrophs, though a few are heterotrophs. Some

heterotrophic plants actually rely upon fungi to provide their

nutrition via the roots. Fungi are heterotrophic and can function

ecologically as saprobes, pathogens, parasites and mutualists (e.g.

lichens and mycorrhizas). Many fungi produce thalli (bodies)

composed of mycelium made up of hyphae, plants do not.

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