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Q: How are guide dogs trained in intelligent disobedience?
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How will a guide dog respond if it is ordered to cross a street with heavy traffic?

Guide dogs are trained to asses the situation, and only go forward if it is safe to cross. Their human partner learns to trust that their dog knows best.Guide dogs are taught "Intelligent Disobedience". If they are told to cross a street but can see that it is not safe, they will not lead their handler forward.

Are service dogs smart?

Yes, service dogs are very smart. Guide dogs even display intelligent disobedience when they disobey a command because it would endanger their human partner.

Can boxers be guide dogs?

The Seeing Eye organization that operates in the US and Canada uses a wide variety of breeds that are trained as guide dogs, but not boxers. Other training institutions have trained boxers as guide dogs so yes, they can be trained. The only important question is if a dog (or the breed to which it belongs) has the right character and aptitude for the work. The fact that boxers are only occasionally selected and trained is probably an indication that - although most boxers are intelligent and even-tempered - other breeds are simply better suited for the work.

How many guide dogs has guide dog Australia trained?

so far Australia's biggest population of trained dogs is about 139,241

How long does it take for a guide dog to be trained?

Most dogs are around two years old when they are fully trained as guide dogs.

Are guide dogs trained to disobey commands that would endanger their owners?

Answer === ===Guide dogs are trained in or selected for, "intelligent disobedience." If the owner gives the dog a "forward" command and obeying that command would mean stepping in front of a moving car, the dog will not move forward. It is then up to the handler to figure out why. If the handler decides the dog has made a mistake, he can override the dog. In the end it is always the human handler's choice to act on the dog's advice, but yes, they do disobey certain commands in certain situations.

Why are guide dogs good companion dogs?

Because they are well trained and bond with their handlers for life. Guide dogs are selected carefully from intelligent and trainable breeds of dog. Often they come from particular blood lines developed for this purpose. An enormous amount of effort goes into teaching both the dog and its owner.

Do guide dogs need training?

Dogs need to be trained before they can perform as a guide dog.

What dog breeds are most commonly used as guide dogs?

Only specific breeds of dogs are trained to be seeing eye dogs, or guide dogs. The breeds that are trained to be guide dogs include German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and Labrador/Golden crosses.

How do guide dogs train their puppies?

guide dogs don't train their puppies or the puppies being trained to be guide dogs but professional dog trainers do

What do they call guide dogs in America?

They're called guide dogs. Dogs trained by the Seeing Eye in New Jersey are called either "Seeing Eye" dogs or guide dogs. All other guide dogs are simply called "guide dogs."

Can pitbull-chow dogs be trained?

All dogs can be trained. Both the Pit Bull and Chow are very intelligent dogs. With time, patience and love they can be trained to be wonderful pets and well behaved companions.

What do you call that dog that is used to guide a blind man?

They are called "guide dogs." Some guide dogs, those trained by the Seeing Eye in Morristown NJ are called "Seeing Eye" dogs after the name of the facility that trained them.

When and where were guide dogs first trained and used?

The first modern guide dogs, what we now think of as guide dogs, were trained during and after WWI in response to the need for guides for soldiers blinded in the war. "Buddy" the guide of Frank Morris was the first Seeing Eye dog, which was founded in 1929

How many dogs were made into guide dogs?

There is no exact answer because every year more guide dogs have been trained which makes the number endless.

Why is obedience not that important to guide dogs?

Obedience is very important for guide dogs.You might hear of intelligent disobedience, which is actually another instance of obedience, where the dog purposely disobeys a command in order to keep its handler safe. But it is still obedience, because the dog is practicing a task that they have been taught to do in certain situations.

What can guide dogs do when they're at home?

When a guide dog is out of the harness they are just pet dogs. So at home a guide dog will act just like any well trained pet and will sleep, play, etc.Guide dogs are trained to carry out numerous everyday tasks, from flipping lightswitches to bringing the remote or phone.

How many guide dogs are there?

There are too many programs and independent trainers to accurately count how many guide dogs are in place in the world. The most recognized program in the world that trains Guide dogs is the Seeing Eye in Morristown New Jersey. Only dogs trained by the Seeing Eye are properly called "Seeing Eye Dogs." All other dogs trained to guide the blind are called guide dogs. The Seeing Eye reported in their 2007 annual report that they had 1,760 graduate teams in the field.

What are dogs trained for?

Guard, Guide & Police duty.

Where are seeing eye dogs trained?

Seeing Eye dogs is a brand name from a specific in NJ. Guide Dogs, for the blind are trained all over the country.

Where are guide dogs trained?

Guide dogs are born early into huge factories. They are raised all there life to guide people and help alot. These dogs are kind and caring.See link below for a list of addresses

Who came up with service dogs?

The Germans trained guide dogs for their blind soldiers after World War I.

Why are guide dogs unlikely to get excited when another dogs approaches?

Training. Guide dogs are trained not to get overly excited in most situations because they need to keep the person they are guiding safe.

Are guide dogs reptiles?

No they are not. All dogs are mammals. Guide dogs for the blind are usually Labrador or golden retriever breeds because they are some of the most loyal and intelligent breeds. Guide dogs for the deaf are usually spaniels such as cocker spaniels because of their great hearing and affection.

What is the law for training with a guide dog?

Laws pertaining to service dogs in training are controlled by the individual states in the US. Some allow dogs in training the same access as fully trained dogs. Some states like California have specific laws pertaining to those that train guide dogs for PAY to ensure that blind individuals get properly trained dogs. You'd have to find out what it says about dogs in training and if there are laws specific to guide dogs in your state.