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How are liquids alike?

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They are both liquidy.

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How are gases and liquids alike?

Gases and liquids have no shape of there own.

In what ways are liquids and gases alike?

Liquids and Gases are both matter, and are not solids.

How are liquids and gases alike?

liquids and gases both have an Indefinite shape. nd some liquids turn into gases with heat.

Why are liquids and gases alike?

liquids and gases have almost the same molecular structure which makes the alikw

How are solids and gases alike?

They both can be turned into liquids

How is convection alike in liquids and gases?

Convection in alike in both liquids and gases as, in both of them, the heated molecules being lighter rise upwards and the cooler molecules take their place.

How are liquids and solids alike?

The atoms or molecules in both liquids and solids stay relatively close together.

How are solids liquids and gasses alike?

they are both made of particles

How are blood and water alike?

Both blood and water are liquids.

In what way are liquids and gases alike?

Liquids and gases both do not have a definite shape and they both take the shape of their container

How are measurements of volume for solids and liquids alike?

Liquids, like solids have a definite volume. While liquids don't have a definite shape, they can take the shape of a container which can be measured the same way as with solids.

What is the like dissolves like rule?

Two liquids dissolve in each other because their molecules are alike in polarity

How are solids and liquids alike?

Both have particles( atoms, ions etc.) that vibrate

How are milk and air alike?

Liquids and gasses are both fluids. Milk and air are also both non toxic to humans.

How are balloons and bladders alike?

A long time ago, balloonswere made out of animal bladders. bladders and water balloons get filled with liquids.

How are bread and sponges alike?

Both have a similar composition that allows them to absorb liquids such as water. If you look closely, you will see they both have "pores". These are what allows them to soak up the water.

How are particles in solids liquids and gases alike?

they all take up space and all have matter, mass, and weight

How are plasma and gas alike?

Plasma and gas are alike in that both are fluids. A liquid is a fluid, but it takes the shape of an open container it is placed in, and plasma and gas don't. They go everywhere. Further, both represent states of matter at greater thermal energies than liquids or solids.

Can liquids dissolve into other liquids?

yes they can but it depends on the liquids

What are cooking liquids?

Cooking liquids are liquids you use in cooking

Can solutes be liquids?

Yes, they can be liquids, but not only liquids, they can also be gases.

What will happen when liquids are mix with liquids?

It depends on the type of liquids you are mixing.Miscible liquids will mix and if the are immiscible they can't mix.

Why are the element in each group in the periodic table considered a family?

They have alike characteristics and react alike. Alike to your family, you all act alike or look alike or have alike characteristics

Unlike other kinds of liquids volatile liquids do?

Volatile liquids are liquids that readily vaporize. These liquids will boil at lower temperatures and have higher vapor pressure at the same temperature as non volatile liquids.

How many types of liquids are there?

there are not types of liquids there is the properties of liquids

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