How are loadstones formed?

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How is loadstone formed?

Loadstones are a type of magnetite. They were formed by volcanoes many years ago. Loadstones are strong magnets that form naturally.

Where are loadstones formed?

in metamorphic rocks that are shoved up your backside!

Where do you find loadstones?

Iron Springs in southwestern Utah

What did Archimedes use magnets for?

Archimedes is purported to have used loadstones to remove nails from enemy ships thus sinking them.

Why are loadstones found underground?

Lodestones are a mineral. A rock. All rocks are found on or underground. This is due to the fact that their density is greater than that of air.

Who was the first to use magnetic rocks to find their way at sea?

The mesoamerican people known as the Olmec are belived to have used loadstones as early as 1000 BC.

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