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local and prevailing winds are similar because they both flow in the same direction?

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How are prevailing winds and local winds similar?

Uneven heating of Earth's surface.

What are two kinds of local winds?

Local and prevailing wind

What local wind blows during the day from an ocean toward land?

Prevailing Winds or Coastal Prevailing Winds

How can prevailing winds influence local weather in terms of precipitation?

prevailing winds influence precipitation with their movements of air masses

Are local and prevailing winds the same?

No, because local winds are only in small areas while prevailing winds are global. Some things are the same, like their both caused by the uneven heating of the Earth.

What are the four types of local winds?

1.synoptic winds 2.gradint winds 3.prevailing winds 4.geostrophic winds

What are the prevailing winds in China?

all prevailing winds blow the same direction.

What are Prevailing winds of the Bahamas?

The prevailing winds of the Bahamas come from the north east

What are the prevailing winds in Hawkes Bay New Zealand?

Northwesterlies are the prevailing winds.

What are the prevailing winds of the latitudes called?

The prevailing winds are different in different latitudes. In the mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere, the prevailing winds are west to east. In the mid-latitudes of the southern hemisphere, the prevailing winds are from east to west.

What is pevailing winds?

Prevailing winds are ...

How do you use prevailing winds in a sentence?

This means the normal direction of the wind. Here are some sentences.The prevailing winds are from the southwest.This gale is opposite of the prevailing winds.

What is the force that deflects prevailing winds?

The Coriolis effect is the force that deflects prevailing winds

What are three latitude prevailing winds?

Trade winds, Prevailing Westerlies, & Polar Easterlies

What are prevailing wind?

They are permanent winds. Surface water is caused by permanent/prevailing winds.

What prevailing winds are in Russia moscow?

The prevailing winds in Moscow, Russia are southwesterly, and southerly.

What causes prevailing winds?

Prevailing winds are winds that are measured by the direction. Different regions and continents have different prevailing wind directions. Nature and latitudinal wind zones cause prevailing winds. They are also caused by changes in the atmospheres pressure.

What are types of prevailing winds?

Types of Prevailing winds include: Trade Winds, Westerlies, Polar Easterlies, and Jet Streams.

Where do prevailing winds in the Philippines come?

In the Philippines the direction that prevailing winds blow depends on the time of year. From November to February the prevailing winds come from the northeast. From July to September the prevailing winds come from the southwest. In all other months the trade winds blow generally from the east.

How do prevailing winds influence precipitation?

Prevailing Winds influence precipitation with their movements of air masses.

What are the 6 global winds?

Trade winds, Prevailing westerlies, prevailing easterlies, Arctic, Antarctic,

What are the trade winds the prevailing winds and the polar easterlies?

the prevailing winds in the polar easterlies are crazy and saucy like da raccoon.

How do prevailing winds affect precipitation?

prevailing winds affect precipitation on the movements of huge air masses. air masses are moved from place to place by prevailing winds, the directional winds that usaully blow in the region.

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