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Some cows have magnets inside their stomachs! The magnets attract any metal that the cow might accidently eat, which would harm or kill the cow if it passed through the digestive system. A cow can keep a magnet inside the stomach for it's entire life without harm.

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Why do cows swallow magnets?

Cows swallow magnets for two reasons. When their pregnet To protect the calf from harm and to prevent any internal damage to the cow.

What animal uses magnets?

turtles, salmon. perhaps cows.

What magnets are used for refrigerator magnets?

bar magnets

What are cow magnets used for?

They are used to prevent any metal objects from penetrating the reticuloruminal lining. If any sharp objects (like nails and wire) do penetrate the stomach wall, this will invite infection and cause the cow to get extremely ill. Magnets are only used for those cows that are fed feed that tends to have a lot of metal junk in it, or are grazed in pastures with lots of metal junk in it. For cows that are grazed in clean pastures and are given clean hay, silage and straw, magnets are not necessary.

Is gold used in magnets?

No, magnetite is used in magnets. Gold is used in jewelery.

Why are magnets usefull?

Magnets are used in compasses.

How can magnets be used to help with recyling?

how can magnets be used to help with recycling

Which is mostly used in magnets magnesium or lead?

Lead is used in magnets.

Are magnets better used for lifting hot objects?

Magnets are better used in lifting hot metals. Lifting magnets are the type of magnets that are used to lift high temperature magnetic materials.

Is cobalt used in magnets?

Yes, cobalt is used in certain specialized magnets.

What is more often used in magnets aluminum or nickel?

Nickel is used more in magnets

What is the used of magnets to the appliances?

they use magnets to concentrate energyto them

What are magnets and springs used for?

Magnets for suspension springs for clocks

How are magnets used in a car door?

The motors for windows have magnets in them.

How strong are the magnets in electronics?

Magnets of different strength are used.

What is Magnetite Used for?

it is used for magnets. :)

What is the metal used in magnets?

Several different metals can be used in magnets. Iron is perhaps the most common metal used in permanent magnets, but alloys such as Alnico (Aluminum, Nickel, and Cobalt) can also make very strong permanent magnets.

Is nickel used in magnets?

yes Yes. Alnico magnets have nickel in them.

How are magnets used in music?

Magnets are (literally) the core of guitar pickups.

How are magnets used in refridgerators?

Magnets keep refrigerators doors closed.

What is the purpose of a magnet?

Magnets can be used to produce electricity. Magnets can also be used to find lost things that respond to magnetism in really hard to reach corners. Magnets are used in generators.

Is aluminum or mercury more often used in magnets?

Neither is magnetic, so neither are used in magnets.

Where are magnets used?

magnets are used in class,at home or even in the loo!Everybody uses magnets all the time.You might be using one now,for all we know.

Is their any animals that that have magnets in them?

Some migratory birds have some magnetic sense, now believed to respond to changes in field strength rather than N-S. Some farmers used to feed magnets to cows. They would stay inside the bottom of the cows stomachs. (they have 4 of them). If the cow ate a nail or barbed wire, it would be trapped and not pass through the rest of the cow digestive tract. eD

Is Mercury used in magnets?