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Q: How are mattie's dreams in conflict with what her society expected of young women in the book Fever 1793?
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The theater functions in society much as?


What do dreams about war mean?

Dreams about war suggest there is conflict in the dreamer's life. Much depends on what is happening in the dream. But dreams are about the dreamer, rather than about world events. So the "war" probably represents conflict withing the dreamer's mind, or a struggle in which the dreamer is engaged.

What were Dr.King's dreams for society?

to be free

What is the main conflict in the poem houses of dreams?

good vs evil.

According to David Mamet the theater functions in society much as?


What does it mean when you have a dream you never had before?

Experiencing a new dream is not unusual or cause for concern. Dreams reflect your ongoing experience of life, so new dreams are to be expected.

According to David Mamet the theater plays the same role in society as?


What it means when you scream in your dreams?

Screaming in dreams means speaking the heart out. This means that you are trying to express your thoughts. This will affect the change in the society.

According to David Mamet the theater functiona in society much as function in individuals?


What kinds of charity work is done by the Dreams Come True Benefit Society?

There is a lot of charity work that is done by the Dreams Come True Benefit Society organization. They mainly focus on fulfilling the wishes of terminally ill children.

What is the conflict in scribbler of dreams?

the Crutchfields and Malones hate each other but their kids start dating.

What does it mean when you dream that your hair is comin out because you have a scalp infection?

Nothing in most cases. It is just a dream. Not all, even most, dreams have any particular significance. Interpretation of dreams is, at best a pseudo science, and any dreams would depend greatly on the society in which you live. Some people can give indications of what significant dreams may mean if they know who you are and the society in which you live. Most, as with astrologers and palm readers, are charlatans.

How has Hank Aaron's life impacted society today?

he courage kids to not give up on their dreams

What does it mean if im pregnant and keep having dreams im having the baby?

Vivid, outrageous and strange dreams are par for the course during pregnancy. Dreams of having the baby are perfectly natural and expected, since delivery is the desired outcome. The cause in nothing more than the constantly changing hormones of pregnancy.

What does it mean when you and your husband dream about houses on fire?

These dreams express a serious event that has occurred or is expected to occur that puts the marriage relationship at risk.

What does it mean when someone is trying to kill you but i end up killing them?

This dream is a dramatization of some conflict you are experiencing in real life. Typical of dreams, the conflict is exaggerated into killing instead of a mere disagreement. The end of the dream indicates that you have confidence in your ability to resolve the conflict in your own favor.

What is Taylor swift's contributions to society?

she inspires me to follow my dreams.

How did Amelia Earhart impact American society?

She was an inspiration to women to follow their dreams and stand up for their rights

What is the mood in the poem-Dreaming Black Boy?

Dreams and Aspirations of a black boy in a racist society

External conflict in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

The external conflict was between Harry and The Death Eaters and Voldemort. The internal conflict was between Harry and Voldemort (voldemort got in Harry's mind {the dreams and visions} and also just the thought because Harry wanted to kill Voldemort.)

What are repeating dreams a sign of?

Repeating dreams indicate a problem that has not been resolved. A common cause is avoidance; the dreamer is trying to avoid conflict or to escape an unpleasant task. The mind creates an enemy, monster, or undefined threatening presence that symbolizes the problem being avoided, and in the dream, the dreamer struggles to escape. When the problem or conflict is resolved in reality, the dream no longer occurs.

Conflict in James Joyce's Araby?

In James Joyce's "Araby", there is a conflict between fantasy and reality. The protagonist lives in a dream-ike world and is largely disengaged from his community. He dreams of "true love" with the neighborhood girl he has a crush on.

What does it mean when you ex and boyfriend are in your dreams?

I've heard dreams are your subconscious trying to tell you something. Perhaps you still have feelings for your ex? Maybe a unresolved conflict? or just pure coincidence.

Who is to blame for starting the Arab-Israeli conflict?

It honestly depends on perspective. The Arabs claimed that the Israelis started it for having the audacity to realize their dreams for creating an independent country. The Israelis claimed that the Arabs started it for having the audacity to violently try to repress their dreams to create an independent country. As for what particular event started the conflict, every person would claim something else.

What impact did the railroad have on American society?

The railroads brought dreams of available land, adventure, and a fresh start for Americans.