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Liquids, like solids have a definite volume. While liquids don't have a definite shape, they can take the shape of a container which can be measured the same way as with solids.

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The atoms or molecules in both liquids and solids stay relatively close together.

Liquids and Gases are both matter, and are not solids.

They both can be turned into liquids

they are both made of particles

Both have particles( atoms, ions etc.) that vibrate

Gases and liquids have no shape of there own.

they all take up space and all have matter, mass, and weight

They are both solids at room temperture

They are both liquidy.

they are both measurements

solids molecules are close together and there are more of them, so they don't move anywhere.

liquids and gases both have an Indefinite shape. nd some liquids turn into gases with heat.

liquids and gases have almost the same molecular structure which makes the alikw

Plasma and gas are alike in that both are fluids. A liquid is a fluid, but it takes the shape of an open container it is placed in, and plasma and gas don't. They go everywhere. Further, both represent states of matter at greater thermal energies than liquids or solids.

Convection in alike in both liquids and gases as, in both of them, the heated molecules being lighter rise upwards and the cooler molecules take their place.

Both blood and water are liquids.

Liquids and gases both do not have a definite shape and they both take the shape of their container

they are alike cause of the solvent and the volume of mass

A solution is a mixture of a liquid and a liquid, or liquid and dissolved solids.

Yes the vibration of molecules (heat) gets transmitted from one molecule to its neighbors and thus heat is conducted in all materials solids and liquids and gases alike. In the case of a solid the molecules that vibrate more (are hotter) cannot move as freely as in liquids and gases but they do bump into neighbors and share their energy (transfer heat).

They are both units of measurement

While solids and gases are very different - one can be physically grasped and the other cannot - they also share similarities. For examples, solids and gases are alike because they both have matter, mass and weight.

The balance and the graduated cylinder are both used to make measurements.

you can adjust them to b higher or lower

Volume of both is divided by 3

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