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Local winds are when land heats up faster than water. Monsoon winds are a type of local winds. Monsoon winds is a seasonal wind, part of the year, wind blows from land to sea then it shifts. This shift results in large amounts of rain because winds are from the ocean.

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What are the cause and effects of local winds and monsoons?

cause and effects of local winds and monsoons

What are the three major wind systems?

Monsoons Global winds Local winds

How do monsoons effect the climate?

Yes, they do, they will because of the monsoons, which mean seasonal winds.Yes, they do, they will because of the monsoons, which mean seasonal winds.

What makes the winds from the monsoons cold?

The winds make the monsoons cold by people making it cold from ice.

What are other facts about monsoons?

monsoons are created by the reversal of winds

How are summer monsoons and winter monsoons alike?

They are both seasonal winds. Winter monsoons cause dry winter while summer monsoons cause wet summer.

How are local winds and monsoon related?

For the most part, they really are not related. Local winds are small scale and are usually cause by the local topography. The monsoonal winds are usually part of a much larger scale event and are the change seen in the normal climatic winds.

How do monsoons affect trade?

Yes monsoons affected trade because monsoons would flood the grounds with firece winds.

What are some aspects of monsoons?

Monsoons are seasonal, lasting months, not days. Monsoons bring heavy winds and rainfall. India gets about 80 percent of its annual rainfall from monsoons.

What is the difference between trade winds and monsoon?

Monsoons are pulsating in nature while trade winds are steady winds.

Wind systems of the world?

there are 3 types of wind systems=permanent winds are also known as prevailing winds or planetary winds. it is sub divided in to the trade winds, anti trade winds, and polar winds.periodic winds are also known as seasonal windsor monsoons. they blow from water bodies to land.local winds blow in a limited area and have local significance. it is sub divided in to land and sea breeze , mountain and vally wind

What is the moonsoons?

Monsoons are tropical winds, often with extreme rain.

What is the different kinds of monsoons in the Philippines?

the different kinds of monsoons in the philippines are northeast monsoon, southwest monsoon and the trade winds

What are winds that bring heavy rainfall?

I was doing resarch for yoand they are monsoons

What are some facts about monsoons?

A statement that accurately describes monsoons is that they are seasonal. They last for months, not for days. A monsoon brings heavy winds and rainfall.

What is another word for season winds in japan?

i think there called monsoons ? lol

Is there a south east monsoon in India?

no southeast monsoons in india.there are only south-west and north-east monsoons. southeast monsoon winds actually become the southwest trade winds due to the Coriolis effect of the wind.

Seasonal winds on the coast of Asia?

If i recall correctly (sorry if this is wrong) it's monsoons.

What is the local causes of the local winds?

The causes of local winds are because of temperature and air pressure. The greater one of these are, the stronger the winds are.

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