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Nutrients can be dispersed to all the cells of a sponge because they can change their function. Sponges are very abundant and can even be found in freshwater.

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Do all cells assimilate nutrients?

The assimilation of nutrients refers to how cells use energy. Not all cells assimilate nutrients because some are not active.

Is a sponge a consumer?

Yes. Like all animals, sponge is a consumer. Sponge is a stationary animal that cling to rocks and filter feed by sucking the water in and taking the nutrients from that water out.

what part of the blood cells carry food nutrients and oxygen to all cells?

The blood plasma contains the red blood cells which carries the food nutrients and oxygen to all the cells.

How are all the cells of a sponge alike How are they different?

u tell me

What is the term for the gelatinous matrix in which all of the cells of a sponge are embedded?


What is term for the gelatinious matrix in which all of the cells of a sponge are embedded?


How are the cells of a sponge alike?

They are alike because they all move around,

What do all cells do to keep you alive?

how cells keep you alive is from your nutrients and from your stomach

What system makes nutrients available to all cells?

The circulatory system pumps the blood which carries the nutrients that the cells needs. The circulatory system gets the nutrients from the digestive system.

What does the red cells do in the blood?

red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in your body

What do red blood cells carry from the lungs to all the cells in of the body?

Oxygen and nutrients.

Needed by all plants to carry nutrients to cells and wastes away from cells?


What system does circulatory system work with to nutrients to all body cells?

The circulatory system works with the digestive system and respiratory system to bring nutrients to all body cells.

Which of this is a function of the cell membrane in all cells?

cellular nutrients

What does blood transport from the digestive system to all cells?


What system sends nutrients to all the body's cells?


What is a sentence for absorb?

The sponge will absorb the water.The intestines absorb all the vital nutrients.The government will absorb the costs.

How do white blood cells get energy?

White blood cells get energy from nutrients present in the blood, as all the cells of the body do.

How do sponges regenerate?

Sponges can regenerate the entire organism from just a conglomeration of their cells. They can be cut up or mashed, and as long as they have two special cells called collencytes, which produce the gelatinous matrix in the sponge, and archeocytes, which produce all the other cells in the spongeâ??s body, the sponge will reform into the sponge it once was. Although, it will look different.

The material that carries nutrients and oxygen to all the body cells is?

the blood

Which system sends nutrients to all the body's cells?

The circulatory system

Which is a function of the cell membrane in all cells?

producing cellular nutrients

What organ system transport nutrients to all the cells?

The circulatory system.

What body system transport oxygen and nutrients out to all cells?

The Metro

Where do all the nutrient go in the digestive system?

the nutrients go to your cells