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How is a human temperature measured?

Using a thermometer.

What is the difference between human choice and human event?

human choice is what you choose ( e.g do , go ,eat, bedtime drink) human event is what comes at you in life (e.g death , toilet needs ,get married )

On which scale is the temperature of the human body measured by the Doctors?


What object can be measured in a kilogram?

The mass of objects such as the human body.

Can human body temperature be measured by a digital thermometer?


Why distance is measured in km?

Its a convenient length on a human scale.

What is measured to alter your breathing rate?

The pulse rate and the heart beat of a human being is measured to alter his breathing rate.

What items can be measured in centimetres?

A human fingernail (natural) is about 1 cm in length. Bigger items, such as cars, are measured in cms.

What is the event of fertilization in human.?

sex sex

Who can compete in the modern olympic games?

any human, not in jail, who qualifies

What is a horse measured in?

a horse is measured in HH, this stands for human hands, but people just call them hands, one hand is 4 inches :)

Human capacity to hear sound measured in Hertz?

measeured in desibel dB

When is the next Human Event in Wisconsin?

The next Human Event in wisconsin is Aug 23. You can stay up to date with this by liking them on facebook and by looking at their site that they have available for the public to view.

What objects are measured in centimeters?

The centimeter (cm) is a metric unit which comprises the meter (m) and kilometer (km). The human height, for example, can be measured in centimeters.

How is pulse measured?

A pulse can be measured by placing your fingers over an artery. A common place to measure a pulse in a human is at your wrist, where you will be feeling your radial artery.

How many animals took part in the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony?

Besides 1,000s of human beings, there were no animals in the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic games.

What are event counters?

michael because he is a human and stimp is 2

College event names in other languages?

human resource

Is the greenhouse effect natural or human caused event?


What famous document begins when in course of human event?


Advantages of human workers to robots?

Human can make intelligent decisions at the occurrence of a "non-routine" event.

Identify the most influential event that led to the HHS Policy for Protection of Human Subjects?

The syphilis study at Tuskegee was the influential event that led to the HHS Policy for Protection of Human Subjects.

What is the most influential event that led to HHS policy for protection of human research subjects?

The syphilis study at Tuskegee was the influential event that led to the HHS Policy for Protection of Human Subjects.

Is Human Resources accomplishes is not measurable?

Human resources accomplishments are measured. When employees improve their production because of incentives and rewards, managers can attribute these changes to human resources.

What is the value of a Jackie Robinson Olympic professional player bat?

1 Human Soul