How are penguins different from platypuses?

While it is true that both penguins and platypuses are warm-blooded vertebrates which lay eggs in order to reproduce, and hunt for their food in the water, there are some very fundamental differences between the two.

The main difference between penguins and platypuses is that penguins are birds and platypuses are mammals.

  • Penguins have feathers, while platypuses have fur.
  • Penguins have beaks, while platypuses have snouts equipped with electroreceptors to help them find food: the penguin's beak has no such capabilities.
  • Platypuses dig burrows deep into the soil if riverbanks for shelter and to lay their eggs; the only penguin that digs burrows is the Little Penguin, also known as the Fairy Penguin.
  • Platypuse do not eat fish, but feed on tiny crustaceans and invertebrates; penguins eat fish, squid, krill and other marine creatures.
  • Platyouses are freshwater animals but penguins are marine creatures.