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Most people would go to a collector's place or something & the person woudl tell them how much it's worth.

Try That & Tell Me If I Helped:D

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Why did people invented money?

People invented money to be able to pay for what they buy.

When talking about money uniformity means?

people must be able to count and measure money accurately.

What is the effect of price control on Walmart Stores?

-People are able to buy more for their money-They're able to save money by Walmart's "price control"

When talking about money what does the term uniformity mean?

people must be able to count and measure money accurately.

What do homeless people do with their money they get from people?

They save it so they can have enough to be able to find them a place of there own

Where does the federal governments money go?

the federal govt has no money. instead they are able to take the peoples money from the people, then use that money to control and manipulate the people as they see fit, in order to reach their elitist agenda.

Importance of budgets?

Budgets help businesses and people manage their money. Without a budget, many people would fall short on money and not be able to provide for their families.

Where blacksmiths able to make money in the middle ages?

yes people payed for their materials

What are some things that motivate you?

Money is a big motivator for people. Being able to prove people wrong is also something that people use to motivate them.

What group of people benefit from inflation?

People who owe money benefit, because they are able to repay their loans in money that has less buying power. People who own property only benefit from general inflation in value in that they may be able to borrow more against its value (not actually more in real value).

Why people gets job?

-Basically to earn money When you earn money, you'll be able to buy things you'll need such as food/clothing/shelter.

What was a direct cause to the financial crisis we are in now?

Lending to people who weren't able to re-pay the money.

Which is one reason that people place money in investments such as stocks?

They hope they will be able to reach their financial goals.

Why do people steal dogs?

Because they either want the dog for themselves or they are able to sell the dogs to make money.

What causes reservations to have lack of education?

People that don't care or they don't have the money to be able to pay for the schooling or the supplies.

How does Canada's harsh climate affect the people internally?

It makes them not able to sell the minerals for money to bye food.

How do you get into the congress?

You need to be well educated, have good people skill (charisma), be able to give great persuasive speeches to get people to vote for you, and a lot of MONEY.

Why love is very important than money?

As Suze Orman says, people first, then money. You don't want to overlook someone you love because of money, but they do need to be able to earn money, budget and live within their means.

What problems did Russian immigrants face coming to America?

Many people faced persecution and lack of money. Because of the lack of money most were not able to practice their religion.

Supply side economics is based on the theory that if taxes are reduced?

then people will have more incentive for working because they will get more money. They will then be able to spend more of the money as well.

Why is sustainable development important?

because it is important that you know about your environment. people in Ghana dont have much money or anything to afford things but we are lucky to havce money and a house with heating and electronic games. but if we help people by giving them money then they will be able to afford medcine and evertyhing

Are you able to convert 1 pound to an Australian dollar?

Yes, you are able to convert English money to Australian money.

What would happen if everyone withdrew their money from the banks?

If everybody withdraw their money from bank there will be a lot of rubbery and scarce i employmen because bank wont be able to hire people BUT IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR EVERYBODY TO WITHDRAW THEIR MONEY

What do you need to be able to do to get sponsored in bmx?

Skill and money, lots of money Skill and money, lots of money

How many businesses in the Bronx?

3D printing will go masaitrenm when the people with money see a way to make even more money out of it. People will be able to print there own purses, but will still pay extra to have the one with Gucci printed on it.