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How are plasma and gas alike?

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Plasma and gas are alike in that both are fluids. A liquid is a fluid, but it takes the shape of an open container it is placed in, and plasma and gas don't. They go everywhere. Further, both represent states of matter at greater thermal energies than liquids or solids.

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How are the three types of matter alike?

The three types of matter: Solid, Liquid, and gas are all alike because of the fact that the molecules in them are always moving. Also the fourth type of matter: plasma also is alike.

How does gas become plasma?

Plasma can be made from gas if a lot of energy is pushed into the gas.

How is plasma different from a gas?

plasma is different from a gas because the particles that make up plasma are electrically charged.

Is a plasma a gas with an electrical charge?

Yes, a plasma is a gas with an electrical charge.

Is plasma a gas with an electrical charge?

yes plasma is a gas with an electrical charge

Can any ionized gas be a plasma?

Yes, any ionized gas is a plasma.

Is there plasma in plasma cutters?

No. A plasma cutter creates plasma from some preexisting gas.

Plasma differs from gas?

yes plasma is a in its own category plasma is really a form of energy yet not gas whatsoever

What are seven different types of substances that are found in plasma?

Plasma is a state after gas form Solid - liquid - gas - plasma

Is plasma a solid liquid or a gas?

Plasma is not a solid, liquid, or a gas. It is its own matter!

What are states of matter plasma gas?

both plasma and gas are classified as states of matter

How does plasma turn to gas?

Plasma can turn to gas by being cooled, reducing temperature.

What is the phase change from plasma to a gas?

The phase change from a plasma to a gas is called recombination.

What is normally found in plasma?

Plasma is a type of gas.

What is the phase change of matter from gas to plasma?

The phase change of gas to plasma is called ionization.

Why gas in sun in plasma stage?

The gas in the son has been ionized which is why it is in the plasma stage on the sun.

What makes plasma different from gas?

A gas constitutes molecules of a element/compound whereas Plasma consists of the Ionized (Charged) species of the elements. A gas can be Ionized to form Plasma.

What are the chemical elements found in plasma?

If you mean gas plasma rather than blood plasma, then plasma is usually a gas that has been stripped of an electron by an alternating electric field. The gas becomes very hot because of this and lots of unusual chemical reactions can take place inside a gas plasma.

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