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Polymers are not made into crude oil. Crude oil is made into polymers.

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Q: How are polymers made into crude oil?
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Is cosmetics made of crude oil?

Yes it is made of crude oil :).

Why might polymers become expensive in the future?

Because crude oil is running out.

What is the name of a factory where crude oil is made?

Crude oil is not "made". "Crude oil" is the name giving to the raw form of oil that is pumped from the ground.

Are polymers renewable or nonrenewable?

Polymers can be both depending upon which ones you are asking about. Polymer simply means "a chain of identical molecules linked together". Nonrenewable polymers would be plastics made from crude oil; renewable polymers would be cellulose and lignin in tree trunks.

Which is the costliest product from crude oil?

plastic is made from crude oil.

Is polythene made from crude oil?

Yup!    Crude Oil -> Crude Oil Vapour --> Diesel Oil --> Ethene --> Poly(ethene)

What kind of chemical compounds are found in crude oil?

Either Hydrocarbons, monomers,plastics or polymers

What is the connection between monomers and crude oil?

All I know is that monomers are small atoms that join together to form polymers. Crude oil is also known as petroleum and unprocessed oil. Sorry, was wondering myself!

Is gasoline an oil?

Gasoline is processed from crude oil. It is not oil but it is from oil. Diesel is a type of oil and it is also made from crude.

How is ethene made?

It is made with crude oil.

Are aspirin made from crude oil?

yes using phenol, a compound that is derived from crude oil.

What is fuel oil made from?

It is derived from crude oil.

Is diesel oil made from crude oil?


Why is this a Problem for burying polymers in a landfill?

Polymers are often made from crude oil distillates that cannot be turned in to gasoline. We pay for crude oil, what sense does it make to put it back in the ground where it serves no useful purpose, and is so stable it will not become crude oil again? Additionally, some polymers leach compounds into the ground water, which can become a problem for future generations (some we cannot foresee, of course). The validity of the above answers are questionable but it is true that polymers are very stable. It is not known how long plastic will remain in a landfill so it will continue to accumulate. Some envision a world where there are large mountains of plastic trash. I hope that world never comes.

Is margarine made of crude oil?


Are crayons made out of crude oil?


Is ammonia made from crude oil?

No. Ammonia is not present in crude oil. It is synthesized by reacting nitrogen and hydrogen.

How do you know crude oil is a mixture not a compound?

because crude oil is made out of two differents elements

How is lpg made?

lpg is made of crude oil

Is plastic made out of oil or crude oil?

"Crude oil" is "oil" - petroleum. Plastics such as polyethylene (food containers) and polystyrene(general plastics and styrofoam) are made from fractions of crude oil. Polycarbonate plastics are made indirectly through the production of phosgene and its use to make acetone and bisphenol-A.

Is crude oil made from organic matter?

Well, yes...but crude oil isn't exactly made; they drill a hole in the ground and pump it out.

Where does crude oil go to be made into different products?

Crude oil is transported to oil refineries which separate and react it into different products.

What are some primary products made from crude oil?

There are a lot of products made from oil. There is gasoline for out cars, fuel for jet planes. They also make motor oil out of crude oil.

What are 10 things crude oil can be made from?

Crude oil is the by product of decaying and fossilisation of animal and plant matter

What is diesel made of?

refining of crude oil