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The meanings are different in the US and Britain.

In America, Australia and many other countries, a public school is one which is funded by the state, and so is free to attend, and a private school is one which is set up independently of the state and is funded by a fee which parents must pay to educate their children there.

In Britain, a private school is the same, but what is called a public school in America is a 'state school' in Britain. The term 'public school' is often used to mean a private secondary school (high school), but especially refers to an old, prestigious private school.

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How is public schools different from private school?

In public schools, anyone can go there for free. In private schools, you have to pay to go there.

How is public school different from non public schools?

In the U.S. public schools are free and non public (private) schools are not. In Great Britain, some schools we in the U.S. would call private schools are called public schools.

Are the schools in Brazil public or private?

public,less private schools in Brazil

Does Ireland have public or private school?

Ireland has public schools and Ireland has private schools.

Is a teacher public or private sector?

Private schools teachers are private sector.Public schools = public sector. simple

Average income of a teacher?

different in different states and counties. Also differs between the public schools and private schools.

Are public schools as effective as private school?

No, private schools are much better and more effective than public schools.

Why are private schools called public?

They aren't. Public schools are the schools that you pay for with your taxes. Private schools are the ones that you have to pay extra to go to.

Are the public schools in canada owned by private individuals?

No, public schools in Canada are not owned by private individuals.

Are public schools better than private schools?

Public schools are usually better than private schools because they are free and have better education. It depends on the public school.

When is spring vacation in Los Angeles?

its different for different schools depending on public or private and then the school district

Why are private schools better than public schools?

Whether or not private schools are better than public schools is a matter of opinion and depends on many factors. No doubt some private schools are better than public schools and some are not. In fact, some public schools are excellent and surpass private schools. The value of any school has to be taken on a case by case basis after examining factors like how much students are learning, how good the teachers are and other factors.Some opinions about private and public schools are:They're not. Really, public schools are better than private because it's free, and the overall education is better.Public schools have better education!

How many students attend public school?

That's difficult to answer as you do not state in which country. Also public scools are different in different places. For instance in the UK what are known as public schools are called private schools in the US

Are all Hong Kong schools private?

Hong Kong has both public and private schools. The public schools are run by the islands Education Bureau

How many elemantary schools are in Albuquerque?

There are either 159 or 163, I got two different numbers. There are either 94 or 98 Public schools, 12 Public Charter schools and 53 Private schools.

Are there public schools in Russia?

There are public schools and private schools in Russia. They are both high quality in my experience.

Is there private and public schools in Cuba?

I am not sure, i am trying to figure out the same answer. Go on a different website.

What schools in Mexico wear uniforms?

private and public schools

Should private schools have homework?

Private schools should do what is best for the student's education. So should public schools.

Does Ecuador have private and public schools?

Obviously we have those type of schools

Are private high schools really better than public high schools?

Private High Schools tend to graduate more students than public high schools, but public high schools in rural area fare much better than public high schools in more urban areas.

Is public school better than private school?

The private schools are the best becaus the kids talk and act better than they do at public schools

Did George W. Bush attend a public or private school?

He started out in the public schools in Midland , Texas, but later went to private schools.

Do public schools have more opportunities than private school?

Yes public schools have a more chance for people to get in because public schools you have to pay.

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