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Sea turtles are simply turtles that lives in the ocean.

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About sea turtles?

sea turtles are a turtle

Why are sea turtles called sea turtles?

well they are called sea turtles because they are turtles that live in the sea. i mean there really is no other name for it.

What is a sea turtles habitat?

what is a sea turtles habitat

Are sea turtles mammles?

no, sea turtles are reptiles

Are sea turtles a mammal?

no, sea turtles are reptiles

How male sea turtles get girl sea turtles to like them?

guy turtles get girl sea turtles by biting their viginas and suck their penisas

What can land turtles do that sea turtles cannot?

land turtles have claws that are sharp. but sea turtles dont.

How many teeth do sea turtles have?

Sea turtles, like all turtles, do not have teeth.

Are there turtles in the Irish sea?

Yes, there are leatherback sea turtles in the Irish Sea.

Why do sea turtles swim in the sea?

Sea Turtles swim in the sea because they eat fish.

What are the largest sea turtles?

The largest sea turtles are the leatherbacks

When are sea turtles most active?

sea turtles are dimural

Why are sea turtles mammals?

Sea turtles are not mammals, they are reptiles.

What phylum do sea turtles fall into?

sea turtles are vertebrate's.

How do green sea turtles parent?

what is a predator of sea turtles

How do sea turtles adapt?

sea turtles group when adapting

Are Sea turtles like other turtles?

Yes but sea turtles don't come out of the water like most turtles

Where do sea turtles sleep?

sea turtles sleep on the surface of the ocean or at the bottom at the sea.

How do sea turtles move around?

Sea turtles swim in the sea and walk on land.

Are sea turtles indangerd?

No, sea turtels are not indangerd. However, sea turtles are endangered.

Are green sea turtles different from sea turtles?

No they are just a kind of sea turtle.

What can be done to save sea turtles?

sea turtles can be saved of extingsion by we the humans can stop polluting the ocean. By doing that, all the sea turtles can be saved like we can be!! LONG LIVE THE SEA TURTLES!!

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